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Graywolf on Social Networking and More.

A look at Michael Gray – Graywolf – Interviewed.

SEO Buzzbox has been busy giving interviews, including one with Rand Fishkin (Read about Rand in Newsweek!) and as well as an interview with Michael Gray (better known as Graywolf from Wolf Howl).

Michael’s interview was filled with some nice nuggets and tips including:

Now here’s where experience comes into play, there are some topics where people are willing to go past the first 10 results. Celebrities, entertainment and news items are some examples that come to mind. If you can find ways to combine them you can get traffic, even if you aren’t number one, and more importantly from search engines other than Google. For example when the last Star Wars movie came out people were searching for all sorts of combinations on Natalie Portman, Hayden Christiansen, Darth Vader and so on, there was plenty traffic for everyone who wanted to get in on it. The thing to keep in mind though is things Adsense may not be paying a lot per click, and the traffic comes very quickly and dies off very quickly, so you want to be able to build something that doesn’t require a lot of time to complete, and realize it’s a short term project.

Michael also talks about tagging and social networks saying

There are a lot of people who look at social networks and tagging sites like digg,, Yahoo360, and mySpace as useless time wasters. I however see them as incredible tools into web surfers and consumers minds and behaviors.

Michael dives into more details with more juicy info. Read the full Graywolf interview over at SEO Buzzbox.


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