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Who’s your favorite SEO Blogger?

Last week I had a joke post poking fun at SEO Awards that some companies are giving away…but a few days ago this very blog was nominated for an award so I’m changing my tune now ….hehe

Naw, these awards are put out by Search Engine Journal (a trusted site) and the "awards" are via votes – so via your votes they should be able to come up with the most popular SEO Bloggers.  

There’s 13 to choose from, and I’m honored to be one of those on that list, especially for such a new blog. Todd’s also on the list, so I think it’s pretty cool that 2 of the 13 are from We Build Pages. I really don’t have any chance of winning being up against some much more experienced and popular bloggers such as Rand, Aaron, and several of the others, and I’ve even got to compete with Matt (what’s up with putting Matt on this list?).

Go here to read and vote on your favorite SEO Bloggers and SEO News sources.

Vote highly for me and I’ll give you some links…hehe, just kidding.


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  1. I agree lol whats up with putting matt up on the list.

    BTW I saw you speak at pubcon. I like the way you did the session where you walked around with the audience.

  2. Thanks shoemoney – It always seems so stuffy and formal standing behind a podium, and I’d much rather be on everyone elses level when I can be. Webmasterworld conferences also seem more relaxed and less formal than SES, so I thought I’d try it there. Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Although Matt is not an SEO practicioner, his blog has become the prefered channel of communication between Google and the SEO community, via Matt’s voice.

    I don’t think there is much argument to the value of Matt’s blog project and how it has shed a light on the importance of quality design, original content, and trusted organic linking in SEO and site marketing. Sure the guy works at Google of all places, but I’m not gonna crucify him for that 🙂

    His blog was also one of the most nominated blogs by the readers, and nominations were done with a write in ballot. Reason enough to list it.

    You’re right Jim, nice to see some representation from We Build Pages in the blog nominations. Good work you’re doing there.

    Thanks for the mention and one question, is there going to be a PubCon Australia in 2006. I’ve living in Japan right now and heard rumors of a Sydney get together (closer than Vegas I believe).

  4. Loren,
    I can see the points on Matt being there….I”m kinda just busting on Matt being there – it’s all in fun….I gave Matt a 5 for my vote. Matt’s one of the most repected people in my eyes in the world of search engines, or in the world of SEO.

    Not sure about pubcon in Australia.
    Thanks for stopping by Loren!

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