08 Jun 2006

Suzi gets a lot of edu’s for me.

Suzi’s my EDU Queen

About 7 months ago I took Suzi on a new link ninja in training. Her first day was a bit buzy for me and the link people so she got only a tiny bit of training from me before she started sending emails (FYI, new link ninjas can’t send email requests for links until they’ve been with us for 3 months). But anyways, at the end of her first day she came to me and said she was able to send out a lot of emails, but only 1 was live so far. I asked her how much it cost, to which she replied "Free". I asked to see the url and was suprised to see it was a .edu! I was amazed and I wanted to hug her (if it wasn’t her first day!).

I then told her that we usually skip the .edu’s when requesting advertising because I thought it would be too hard to get .edu’s…. in fact….all searches we normally do are something like:
"computer advice" -site:.edu -site:.gov

She hadn’t received that trainng yet, but remembered how during the interview I impressed upon her that backlinks from .edu is a "trust" factor to ranking…..so she had zoomed right in to writing to .edu’s requesting backlinks.

But I told her to skip the .edu’s in the future (still thinking they were too hard to get)…at the end of the second day she came to me and said that 2 other .edu’s were live from emails she had sent yesterday. I was floored….3 .edu links in 2 days….the first 2 days of a new employee!

I told her, "If you can keep getting .edu’s, don’t stop looking!"

She’s continued to kick ass and we call her the "EDU Queen" around here. Today she scored another 2 .edu backinks ….  I won’t give away her "secrets"…but I can say that we don’t pay a penny for any of these, yet all get a human review and placement – no "scams".

It’s amazing what can be done when someone thinks it’s possible.