09 Jun 2006

Is it a “Google Dance”? Seeing big shifts.

IncrediBILL always has a way with words, when I saw this title in my feedreader I couldn’t help but see what bill was saying when he said, "Google Dance Makes You Shit Your Pants".

Bill was reporting google rankings jumping all around, so I ran to check rankings using Digitialpoint’s ranking tool, and ya….we track about 400 sites and most sites we’re tracking between 3-5 phrases each…and yea….there’s something going on…a dance?…we’ll it’s the biggest shifts I’ve seen in a while. Overall most of our clients got a nice jump…..and dang, on some datacenters webuildpages.com is at #8 for "internet marketing" …we havent’s been in the top 10 in a few years – I hope the wheel stops here.