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IncrediBILL doesn’t take no (edited)!

Sometimes I wish I could really let loose….but being a CEO of a company, I’ve got to think beyond myself and think of the reputation of The Company when I post something here or elsewhere. Last week I even had to edit a post I did somewhere else due to company pressure….

So maybe I have to censor myself sometimes, so at times when I’m having a bad day and I just want lash out at someone, or worse yet, when I want to go home and beat my wife or kick my dog, I’ll instead just go over to IncrediBILL’s blog rants and get my fix there. I gotta respect a man who tells it like it is and isn’t afraid to tell people to (edited out) and to (bleep bleep edited out).

If you want a few examples, just look at what Bill has posted in the past 2 days, here’s some beauties:

I’ll show you PRIVACY…
Link Your Ass to My Foot!
Block this Server Side Browser
Some SEOs are as DUMB as Pet Rocks
Copyright Crawlers? Get the gun!
Hi! I’m Looking for Link Partners!

Disclaimer: I was just kidding about beating my wife and kicking my dog.


11 Responses

  1. I hear you on the difficulty of letting loose when what you say may have repercussions on your company.

    I just finished an essay on the Google vs. the DOJ issue, but I’m told that it crosses the line a little.

    Oh well – at least the process of writing it was cathartic!

  2. If he only would sell that spider trap stuff … posting daily on is a great pre-launch tactic but I wish he would put the on the table before I get mad. In the meantime, as a cat lover, I calm down reading his very few other posts and ROTFLMFAO

  3. Sebastiian, my premature pontification of productization probably proliferates as procrastination prevails.

    Jim, glad I could help calm your nerves 😉

    Randy, nice to see I have a 4th reader!

  4. lmao

    Like I said in my comment, Incredibill, I really do want to use the “link your ass to my foot” in my responses to automated link requests, although I’ll have to edit the bit about Pamela Anderson to make it gender appropriate in my case ….

    Gonna go check my email for the latest requests. Mwa ha ha this is going to be FUN!

  5. IncrediBILL is incredible. I have been reading his site for a week of two and I have actually learned a thing or two as well. And not just how to respond to link requests. 🙂

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