23 Aug 2006

Andy Beal’s consulting services.

A few weeks ago when I heard that Andy Beal was leaving Fortune Interactive I jumped at the opportunity to get Andy to come to the We Build Pages office to offer me some business consulting advice. …after all, Andy was one of the first employees at websourced (now MarkerSmart Interactive) that grew to over 150 employees in the course of a few years (I believe they are the biggest SEM company in the world). As well as Andy started Search Engine Lowdown (no longer run by him (his "new" blog is at MarketingPilgrim.com)), and then Andy started Fortune Interactive that grew to around 20 employees in it’s first year. Andy’s been around, and has a lot of experience running SEO companies and helping them to grow…I knew that I could really use his advice in helping my company grow.

So Andy spent the day with me yesterday learning about how I’ve been running We Build Pages and giving me some excellent advice on how I can grow my company, as well as how I can better serve my clients and my employees.

I think within the first hour together Andy had earned his daily fee in advice and tips to me, and the rest of his time was sheer "profit" for me.

Today I had a employee meeting explaining some of my future plans based on Andy’s ideas and I’ve already started implemeting some of his ideas. Andy offers several types of consulting services, and if you’re seeking SEO consulting or SEM business consulting, Andy’s certainly well worth his costs in what he can deliver in knowledge and advice.

Thanks Andy!