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I thought I’d try something new here and open my blog up to questions from readers.

I’ll collect your questions here and then start answering them in follow up posts.

  • Want a public site review? (I’ll do it for free if you don’t mind me doing it in public here)
  • Want to know about some crazy journeys I’ve taken?
  • Want to know what I think about link buying, link trading, or getting links under the radar?
  • Want to know if I own a pair of "I’m Feeling Lucky Google Underwear"?
  • Want to know what it’s like having a 22 month old son, with another on the way in less than 3 months?
  • Want to ask about being a CEO of a SEO company?
  • Want to know about the successes or the failures?

I’m pretty much open to most "reasonable" questions…either dealing with "personal" or "Internet Marketing topics".

Got a question? Ask away!

ah….but there’s one topic I’m going to stay away from ….don’t ask about buying old sites 😉


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  1. What’s the biggest SEO mistake you made (that you can talk about).

    What’s one piece of SEO advice you wish you could travel back in time and tell yourself 3 years ago.

  2. When considering keywords, does the order of the keywords matter to the search engines? If so… How do they matter? Should I pick an order and concentrate on that, or treat different orders as different keywords? For example, I type “search engine optimization” (without quotes) and get ~68,200,000 and then I do “optimization search engine” and get ~68,400,000. The same sites seem to appear in the top 10 but in a little different order. Another example might be “photography equipment nv” and “nv photography equipment”.

  3. Can you over do it with free or paid directory links? How fast or slow should you go about building links like this? Any tips for avoiding duplicate content with CMS’s like phpbb or wordpress?

  4. Hi Jim

    I have a client who recently changed domain names (around 3 months ago) I recommended a 301 redirect, and things went fine, PR passed to the new domain (PR6) and links pointing to the old domain where credited to the new one.
    However, non of the website’s pages are coming up on the search pages, the website is being spidered frequently, gives nothing at all, but does.

    Any ideas of the reason would be appreciated, I know that new domains take time to show up, but its been around 3 months, btw link ponting to the new domain have been placed as well.

    Thanks 🙂

  5. To sort out a long debate over at the sitepoint forums, does it help your SERPs by linking out to authority sites on a page-by-page basis or even a site basis?

  6. what are reasonable expectations for link builders on a link building team? assuming the team as been trained to go after quality links, not just churning out links on link pages, what’s a reasonable level of production?

  7. Thanks Guys for all the great ideas and questions to write about – Great way to overcome “writers block” here!!
    Brian – I’ll be answering these very soon 😉 – stay tuned.

  8. noob quesiton:
    When starting a new website what are the first things to do linkbuilding wise to start increasing traffic and jump into the serps?

  9. How do you feel about working in (effectively) the middle of nowhere? Does it affect your business? Would you be better off moving someplace more central – easier access to employees and clients?

  10. Ok – no more site reviews please. other questions are ok. Those who requested site reviews I’ll be contacting first to verify ownership of those sites (I’ll make you create a jim.htm page).
    Other questions are fine…just no more site reviews.
    I’ll be answering these all very soon in new blog posts.
    Thanks again,

  11. hey jim,

    here’s – what I consider – a tricky question: Person A buys an old expired domain that had tons of content on it. Now that Person A owns the domain, who owns all the old content (assuming the old owner didn’t copyright).. In your opinion, does Person A have the right to re-publish the articles/info?

  12. Jim, I had a site that ranked very well in MSN and Yahoo for a very competitive keyphrase. After about 18 months I hit Google and begin climbing in the rankings. #80 was my best rank, now I can’t be found in any of the big 3. Not anywhere in the top 1000 results. I have been doing the same thing. On topic link building. Any tips?

  13. how do you get your google serp data that you use in your tools and for monitoring domains? the google api is what google suggests but i read that it is not very accurate.

    what do you suggest for consultants, developers, and site owners?
    … use google api for custom set of data?
    … use and adapt to dandy seo tools such as those at
    … buy a piece of software that claims to get accurate results?
    … build a custom scraper?
    … use a free scraper that’s already out there?
    … one search at a time on
    … other?

    it seems to me it is in google’s best interest to provide a legitimate and easy method for site owners, developers, and consultants to obtain this data. having all these “hollow queries” going through the front door would surely seem to skew their user data.

    thanks again (for my second question)

  14. In relationship to page rank(for any and all S.E’s) will offline advertising increase online page rank, via people doing a search for a URL or company name and clicking on it. Another words, they see your advertisment in a newspaper, and search for you on the net in a search bar not the address bar. Does this increase the popularity of your page rank and presumably push it up.
    I guess a better way to state it is:
    If hundreds of people a day did a search for xyz company, would that have an effect on xyz’s page rank?

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