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3 Useful Youtube Tools to Play with

YouTube is already a pretty incredible tool. It works as a platform for everything from sharing content to brand marketing, a visual paradise that has taken over the web and become one of the most popular social networks around. More than one billion people visit the site monthly, and most online users watch videos through the site.

With visual marketing on the rise, Youtube has become one of the most essential content marketing tools.

Weirdly enough, there are not that many Youtube tools to play with. Here is a list of the three newer YouTube tools you may have missed:

1. YouTube Reputation Tool

YouTube Reputation Tool
How is your reputation on YouTube as a whole? This is an important question for anyone who is trying to establish themselves as a well known content provider on the site. Having the right data will let you decide on what areas need work, when to interact and where to reply.

This is a quick way to do it, searching by Twitter handle, full name, domain name, and your domain name as separate words. Simple, fast and informative, everyone should have this application in their toolbox. You can watch all the videos right on that page as well!

You might want to check the other ones available on the SEO Chat, as well.

2. Keyword Suggestion Tool

Keyword Suggestion Tool
Everything you search for on YouTube is pretty much dependent on keywords. So to have your videos seen, you need to have the right keywords selected. This is an official promotion tool from Google that will let you see what keywords are trending and work best with your upload. You can search by language, country, or put in other keywords and phrases and get ideas for more. Of course, you don’t have to rely entirely on this tool for your keyword management. But it is a good way to find those phrases you might not have considered.

3. Video Alerts

Keyword Suggestion Tool
Stay connected to new content and be the first to post it onto your blog, comment on it, or just know about it. Video Alerts does just what it says, allowing you to subscribe to notifications whenever a particular channel, poster or subject is updated. You can get a free account that is basic, or get advanced features for $9.99 per year. Since a premium account will let you track up to 100 keywords without ads, I think it is well worth that cost.

Do you know of any handy YouTube tools? Share them with us in the comments!


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