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Quick Tip: How to Plus ANY Update as a Business Page on Google Plus

Switching between your personal account and your business page on Google Plus is not as easy and transparent as you may have thought (Facebook is doing a better job at that since recently).

To act as a page where you have managing rights, you first need to click “Manage this page”

Manage this page

..and after that many people find themselves a bit lost: How to get back to actually me? How to switch back and forth?

I’ve tried several methods, none of which is perfect. If you really need some flexibility (plussing a random page as a page), try this URL trick.

[Google Chrome users can also use CircleCount extension to do the same thing easier]

1. Find your page ID

Similarly to your personal profile, your business page has a unique ID which you can find right in the URL:

If you are using a custom URL with /+BusinessName at the end of the URL, there’s no reason for panic: Your ID can be seen when you hover-over any of your page updates, right click and select “Copy link location”:

Find your page ID

2. Add it to any G+ URL to plus / comment as your page

So now that you know your page ID, copy-paste it immediately after in front of anything else that comes after it whenever you want to act as a page. Use the following format:


For example, this is the URL where you are acting as you:

URL personal

But let’s say, you feel that you need to comment in that thread as your business? No problem, here’s the URL to comment as you business page:

URL to reply as a page

Now, make it a weekly commitment: Participate in Google Plus as a business page for more brand visibility:

Brand exposure

Good luck!


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  1. I read this blog because I am thinking to create a business G+ profile and I could never imagine it was so complicated to create one. I think it will be now a different matter, nice job you made something complicate, an easy staff.

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