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3 Ways to Turn Your Facebook Activity Into a Book

Do you sometimes wish you had the patience to cultivate a scrapbook with the same detail you have given your Facebook profile? Before you assume that the two are unrelated, think about it. You post photos and write down thoughts on special events. You share what you enjoy for others to see. You are able to go back through it to relive the memories.

What does that sound like to you? If you said either a scrapbook or Facebook, you would be correct. That is essentially what social media is: a giant, public and digital diary and photo album wrapped into one. With a couple of games about farms, restaurants and the Mafia thrown in.

Don’t you think it would be fantastic if you could take your Facebook, push a button and turn it into a print version that you could keep on your shelf? You wouldn’t be the only one, which is why several services have popped up that do just that.



You might have already heard of the company that created this tool. They originally released Twournal, the Twitter version. Now, you can make a nice little book out of your Facebook through their service. That includes a cover picture, a dedication and all of your status messages, all in print form.

This one is focused more on the statuses than anything else, which are sorted by date. So if you tend to share a lot of personal stuff on Facebook, it can be a nice little keepsake of the time you have been signed up with the social media site.

Technically, you can make one for free in a PDF form, if you like their page. Or, for less than 100 pages in print, it is $20 for black and white photos, or $45 for color. Then $5 every additional 100 pages for black and white, or $30 for color.



Obviously you will know Intel, one of the most popular technology companies in the world. They created The Museum of Me, a social media project. Now, this isn’t a book. In fact, it is nothing at all like a scrapbook.

It is actually a digital rendition of a gallery exhibit that you travel through viewing your data. It shows you your friends, your photos, your words and more.

After you watch your own chronicle, you can download it as your Facebook album and thus turn into an online book.

There’s another cool one to create your Facebook Timeline movie. You can try it here.

Social Memories

Social Memories

Social Memories

An actual app through Facebook, you have to connect it like you would any other third party program. Once you sign in, you will be able to see your ‘bookshelf’ with any books you have made. If you don’t have any or want to make a new one, you just select that option.

From there, it will let you pick a time frame, starting from the time you joined the site. They choose photos for you, but you can swap them out with any other images you would prefer to use. Once it has them gathered, you just hit browse, go through the result, change color palettes, swap pictures and choose what you do and don’t want in.

Once you are done, you can continue and buy a print copy It costs $9.90 plus shipping, which is $3.45 international (for anyone outside of Germany).

Note: There was another similar (and a bit more advanced) one called JotJournal but I couldn’t get it to work and my browser alerted me of some security problems with the site. Hopefully it will be back up soon!


At first glance, it might seem a little cheesy to get an actual scrapbook of Facebook memories. But when you think of how much we put into our profiles, it is a little more easy to understand. If it seems like a good idea to you, there are several services that meet any budget.


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  1. This is what I really love about these social networking sites. I can be able to track my activities and it also served as my virtual journal. Thank you for sharing. This is a very valuable one.


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