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Your Social Media Profile Picture Cheatsheet (Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn)

Needless to say, your social media profile picture is crucial for your marketing success: it brands your business, makes people remember you by and, in most cases, determines if your profile is worth a follow (especially on Twitter).

Now, if you have not yet given a serious thought as to how good your current social media avatar is, do it now. I hope this article will work both as motivation and as an ultimate resource.

QUICK GUIDE: Change Avatar: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +

Change profile picture (Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn)

A bit more explained:


  • Go to your profile page (;
  • Hover over your current profile picture;
  • Click “Change Picture”:

Change profile picture - Facebook


  • Select Settings from the drop down menu (top-right corner);
  • Click on Profile (the fifth tab in the settings navigation bar);
  • Click the Browse button next to your profile image.

Change Avatar - Twitter

Google Plus:

  • Click on your profile picture thumbnail icon in the top-right corner;
  • Click “Profile”
  • Click “Edit Profile” next to your name;
  • Click “Change Photo” under your photo:

Change avatar - Google Plus


  • Hover over on “Profile” in the main navigation menu;
  • Choose “Edit Profile” (first option);
  • Click “Edit photo” right below your current profile picture:

LinkedIn - change profile picture

Image Requirements: Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus


***Feel free to download the full “Change social media avatar” cheatsheet here or the horizontal (one-page) version***

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Now, to make sure you pick the *best* profile picture possible, do read all of the resources below. They are all great!


Smile! Interesting finds about the choice of your Facebook profile photo: What Your Facebook Profile Photo Says About You and How your Facebook profile picture predicts future happiness

men and women who flashed “intense” smiles in their first-semester Facebook profile photos reported greater life satisfaction than those who didn’t. More importantly, those same students were likelier to report high levels of contentedness during their last semester of college, fully 3 1/2 years later.


  • How to Create a Twitter Avatar You Can be Proud Of: A very detailed post with great examples: use unique elements and make sure you have very few of them for the avatar to be clear even in a 48×48 thumbnail
  • Here are a few great examples of a great photo portraits that make captivating twitter profile pictures.

Google Plus:



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  1. Never had any trouble myself uploading a profile picture (although I must admit, Facebook as a whole was quite tricky for me). I like the guide you posted on “Taking a Great Facebook Profile Picture”. Some great advice on there, I especially like the clear backgrounds one. I tried it myself while lying in the grass (nice green background), and everyone seems to love it!

  2. Thanks for the quick tips I’m inspired to share this URL with all the Twitter eggs & social media newbies without pictures. I would also add when choosing a profile picture ask your self “Do I really want people’s first impression of me to be __________” fill in the blank. An egg, an ass, a cartoon character? Really?

    Lisa Ann Landry – Social Media Marketing Trainer
    Licensed Coach – The SNCC Way

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