22 Dec 2005

Who does SEX, DRUGS, and GAMBLING …. SEO?

I know it sounds fun, Sex, drugs, and gambling…but we don’t do SEO for those industries…not that I’ve got anything against them…hey, I’ve been known to do all 3….but as far as SEO, they all seem pretty competitive. I tend to think that in order to succeed in these arenas, you’d need a bunch of sites…older the better, and are pretty dark shade of grey to have a chance at competing….maybe I’m wrong.

In any case, we tend to get leads for those types of sites, and again, I’ve just been ingoring those leads.

I bring it up because I just got a Gambling lead (new site too) who wants SEO. I’m not touching it – would you?

Is there anyone out there that does SEO in these areas and wants these leads?