22 Dec 2005

People who believe the SEO Magic Bullet Theory.

I often get people who fill out the form on webuildpages.com that have no clue as to how Search Engine Optimization works (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

I have no problem with the "talk" of how search engines rank sites (I do it all the time….words on the pages, theme of site, resource, links, yada yada)….but what do you do when someone comes to you that has learned things all wrong….they believe that out there there’s some SEO magic bullet that will get them #1 in all engines for all their targeted phrases they want?

Case in point, I got this email today:

I am looking for a company that can do my advertising for me. I do not want to do a pay per click. I know there are companies out there where you pay them a flat Fee and than they just get you in the top of all seach engines and keep you there for a flat price every month so what would it cost to do that?

here is my site  www.XXXXXXXXX.com

and do you make websites where you get it in the top 10 and you link it to this so it will be in the top 10 of all search engines?

I don’t mind those who say " I want to be #1, how does this work, and what will it take?" I do this every day….but for those who believe there’s an SEO magic bullet to be #1 for everything everywhere, I really don’t want to talk with them….I just feel that they’ll listen to me for second…and then think "this guy’s not telling me about the SEO magic bullet…he doesn’t know what he’s doing…when I’m done here, I’m going to contact the next guy until I get one who’ll guarantee #1 in all the engines"….and he just might find that someone to tell him what he wants to hear.

Am I passing on lost opportunities? What would you do with email leads like these?