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Lee Odden interviews Todd Malicoat (Stuntdubl)

Lee Odden of the Online Marketing Blog just did an interview with my teammate Todd Malicoat (Stuntdubl)

Here’s one quote:

SEO must be a part of the corporate marketing strategy, just like it was a must that they had a website several years ago. At some level, SEO’s are really just “meta-webmasters” that have a strong understanding of how each piece of the puzzle fits with the other pieces. I think you will continue to see LOTS of openings for “internet marketing project managers” at large corporations as they increasingly recognize the value of strong rankings.

and another:

Rather than needing LOTS of links, people now need the RIGHT links. They also need viral marketing which I think will be a large part of SEO in the future.

Read the whole interview with Todd here.


2 Responses

  1. I too believe that SEM positions will become more and more prevalent in corporate America.

    It will be a matter of time that SEM is removed from the Interactive Agency that developed the website (or internal) and given to a true SEM professional. That professional will help the company focus on a long term strategy, and not piece meal it from a couple of people that know a little about search engine marketing.

    A great opportunity for someone to be in the drivers seat of some of our larger brand names!

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