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Away at Hostingcon 2006 Las Vegas this week.

I’m leaving tomorrow to head to hostingcon 2006 in Las Vegas.

On Wed I’m speaking on "What it takes to Rank High in Google".

I’ve got my powerpoint all set…but I thought I could at least share my "HTML Notes" with everyone here if you want to see some of what I’ll be discussing…though realize that this is just an outline of what I’ll be talking about (and my powerpoint is much prettier).

Brett from Webmasterworld is also at the conference (he just called me..we’ll be hooking up tomorrow) – any readers from Vegas? (email me your cell – I’ll be there tomorrow (tues) afternoon).

I’ll be out the rest of this week, We’ll see ya all on Monday again!



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  1. Jim, I live in Vegas but didn’t even know Hostingcon was happening here. I might do an exhibits pass, but don’t see myself spending $500 to register for the full event since I’m only related to the hosting biz as a webmaster (thats why exhibits might make sense). Wish I could be there for your presentation man, looks pretty solid.

  2. Typo alert:

    “You’re great site, content”

    should be

    “Your great site, content”

    Feel free not to publish this post if you dont want to!

  3. thanks for the putting the page up. nice quick resource for those of us who cant catch ur speech.

    how abt putting a audio version of your speech?;)

  4. >how abt putting a audio version of your speech?;)

    Good point – when can we start expecting the “I’m Feeling Lucky” podcasts Jim? 😉

  5. Nick…funny you should ask…last weekend I bought – hey, my first name was available so I grabbed it…then I though…yea, maybe I could podcast there….then I thought…ya know, todd’s also 5 minutes from the office…the jim and todd show…who knows? Todd?

  6. Are you going to SES in San Jose? I just looked for your name in all the linking sessions but was unable to find it.

    I’m going to be seriously bummed if you’re not going to be there. You were one of the main attractions.

    I like the pod cast idea. Barry announced that he will have a show soon. I think it would be great if you could be on the show as well once and a while. I think you and Barry would make a great team.

  7. Good presentation. Now what I can see is “Back Links” is making more important factor in SEO than any other SEO techniques.
    SEO is always in recursive loop.

  8. Jim … looks like a very interesting presentation. Easy to follow. I actually didn’t know about this event until I came to your blog.

    Also … the timing of that event and the current AdTech happening in Chicago might not play to a favorable outcome. Simply because many companies say … well, let’s choose one event and go there. I’ve seen this happen all the time.

    P.S. Jim … what happened, we used to write similar posts 🙂 I don’t see a post about landing pages

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