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Propeller Heads, Ponytails, Rainmakers, & Suits oh My!

I was just reading another great article by Michael Martinez on’s blog called "SEO Strategies: Organizing Your Project Team" which of course perked my interest.

That set me to thinking on "Ponytails", "propeller-heads", and "rain makers" …I used to have an old bookmark that explained these more in detail, but looks like that domain expired so the content is gone….but I did find a thread over here, where Joomlasticman explains this pretty good:

1. The propeller-head: This trait is symbolized by a beanie hat with a propeller on top. you wear your propeller hat when you are working with the code and scripts of a web site.

2. The Ponytail: This is the costume of the creative artist working with the graphics and layout of a Web site.

3. The Rainmaker: You put on this costume when you need to stir up a storm of costumers.

4. The Green Visor Cap: Sharpen your pencil, and calculate how to turn your flood of customers into "Mucho Dinero!"

5. The Suit: This allows you to become the wise businessperson who makes the tough decisions to guide your business to meet your goals.

 Which are you?


7 Responses

  1. I’m pretty sure I’m the guy sporting the propeller-head hat over a ponytail. There’s just no other way to explain it.

    Thanks for the article.

  2. A good SEO has to be all of them to an extent.
    You have to market your SEO to the boss, understand your customers, generate great ideas and (sometimes) implement them yourself.

    My take is that with specialization people lose ground by spending less efforts to integrate various aspects of the profession.

    Having a single person to handle some stuff makes it easy to organize stuff, as he knows for himself what to do.

  3. Well I have the pony tail already, and an expensive suit – and have a tendency for making rain from time to time…

  4. I’m just a smooth Armani guy that would never been seen with a pony tail (unless I was Willie Nelson)

    Are there normal regular guys that are SEOs?? 😉

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