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Matt Cutts is a Mover and Shaker  is a Mover and Shaker
Though Brett is too!

Was just on and what did I see? (look to your right)

Why is a Mover and shaker? We’ll Matt’s the Senior Google Engineer, who coincidently owns a blog at coincidently is also known at the "Mick Jagger of Search", and coincidently eneough, there’s a Google update going on called "Update Jagger" that’s the biggest update since the "Florida update" of Nov 04. Because of this huge update, many people are coincidently going to read what Matt says about the update.

Coincidently, another place which people go to for information on Google updates is Webmasterworld. Webmasterworld was down for a few days, and for a few days information from webmasterworld was being shown at Brett’s old domain at , thus the third listing of Movers and Shakers to your right.  Coincidently, they were both up 190%.

Matt, coincidently will be speaking at the webmasterworld conference on Nov 16 in Las Vegas.

I feel there’s just too much coincidence…it’s all a conspiracy…..

Coincidentally, I’ll be in vegas then too speaking at the webmasterworld conference, because If there’s a conspiracy going around, I want in.

hey, it’s friday – happy weekend. 


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  1. Yes…. This is all one BIG conspiracy! L0L .

    Anywayz, this article and this BLOG are VERY interesting!

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