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What Were Americans Asking Google on Christmas?

Questions Americans Asked Google on Christmas Eve in 2017Researching niche questions is a great way to come up with awesome content that spreads, especially when it comes to timely and seasonal content. Here’s an example of question research that will come in handy for your next year’s content planning.

Guys from Serpstat collected the most outstanding questions with the words “New Year” and “Christmas” for Google US. The data was obtained using “Search questions” feature which is something I described in more detail here.

The tool found 68.4K of search suggestions for keyword “Christmas”, including 3,7K of queries in the form of a question.

Also, there were 10.7K for “New Year” query, including 494 questions.
The question words were:

  • How
  • What
  • When
  • Why
  • Where
  • Which

They went through all the queries in the question from of each group and chose interesting, a bit weird, and funny ones.

Funny Questions Americans Asked Google on Christmas Eve in 2017:

All the phrases are listed in a random order and aren’t sorted by frequency.

  • how to find out where your christmas presents are
  • how to go to sleep faster on christmas eve
  • how to survive new year’s in times square
  • how to make dog christmas treats
  • how to make a father christmas out of a toilet roll
  • how to make new year’s resolutions work
  • who who who merry christmas
  • what is a good christmas for my wife
  • how many seconds till christmas eve
  • how to make ugly christmas sweaters uglier
  • how to decorate for christmas in july
  • how to christmas wrap a bike
  • how to make christmas hats for adults
  • how to hang christmas lights outside like a professional
  • how to make a christmas letter to santa
  • how to make homemade christmas gifts for mom and dad
  • what i got for christmas i got fat
  • the grinch who stole christmas hairstyles
  • christmas gifts for wife who wants nothing
  • christmas gift ideas for husband who has everything
  • where is santa claus village to which letters addressed to father christmas are sent

Infographic: Questions Americans Asked Google on Christmas Eve in 2017

Here’s the full list of questions around [Christmas] for your amusement.

More tools to research niche questions for your site:


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  1. I don’t celebrate that day because I don’t believe in it anymore. It’s just another day to me now.

    1. Christmas is for the kids. As you get older it’s majesty incrementally fades away. I do like Christmas music though.

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