03 Nov 2014

3 Awesome Free Keyword Research Tools (Based on Search Suggestions)

As-you-type suggestions can be an awesome source of content inspiration because they provide a valuable insight into what people tend to search for when typing in your base term.

It’s nice to see different tools popping up that use Suggest data in different ways. Today I am sharing three of them: They are all free, require no registration and provide different ways to play with as-you-type search suggestions

1. Bulk Suggest Tool

  • Sources: Google.com, Bing.com, Youtube.com, Amazon.com
  • Export: Yes

Unique feature: The tools is multi-step: It keeps running to grab key phrases for every latter of the alphabet, then you can select key phrases and proceed to the next step to generate more phases for each of them. This is the best way to discover longer, more specific phrases to narrow your targeting.

The output is very convenient as well: You get to see the dashboard of keywords (all on one page) with different databases side by side: Google and Bing (generic), Youtube (entertainment) and Amazon (ecommerce)

Bulk Auto-Suggest Works part 2

You can read more about the tool here: Best Tool for Content Brainstorming

2. SerpStat

  • Sources: Google Suggest
  • Export: Yes (But you need to register for that)

Unique feature: Filter results to only show questions which people type in the search box: This is a great way for how-to content and frequently asked questions!

Using a special algorithm, we choose interrogative questions. You can easily create a content plan for your website with them.


3. KeywordTool.io

  • Sources: Google, Bing, Youtube and App Store (+ Support of multiple countries and languages for each source. I was testing it in English only)
  • Export: Yes (Select phrases and copy them)

Unique feature: This is the only tool that supports App Store I am aware of!


Happy brainstorming!