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5 Awesome Free Keyword Research Tools (Based on Search Suggestions)

The search industry is evolving fast: We have Google updates and core algorithm changes being announced and we see new awesome tools being launched regularly. It’s one of the most exciting industries to work in.

As-you-type search suggestions can be an awesome source of content inspiration because they provide a valuable insight into what people tend to search for when typing in their base term.

It’s nice to see different tools popping up that use Suggest data in different ways. Today I am sharing five of them: They are all free, some of them offer optional registration and provide different ways to play with as-you-type search suggestions

1. UberSuggest

(Free, no login required)

  • Sources: Google Suggest, Google Keyword Planner
  • Export: Yes

Unique features: This one is the most advanced of free keyword tools you’ll ever find. There’s no need to login to access all the features including search volume and competition numbers, and advanced filters.


2. Keyword.Guru

(Free, no login required)

  • Sources: Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Youtube, Amazon, Ebay and Google Play
  • Export: Yes

Unique features: A free and fast keyword research tool from @YoungbloodJoe gives you a quick overview of related phrases. Use it when you are stuck and need a quick inspiration.

Keyword Guru

3. Bulk Suggest Tool

(Free, no login required)

  • Sources:,,,
  • Export: Yes

Unique feature: The tools is multi-step: It keeps running to grab key phrases for every latter of the alphabet, then you can select key phrases and proceed to the next step to generate more phases for each of them. This is the best way to discover longer, more specific phrases to narrow your targeting.

The output is very convenient as well: You get to see the dashboard of keywords (all on one page) with different databases side by side: Google and Bing (generic), Youtube (entertainment) and Amazon (ecommerce)

Bulk Auto-Suggest Works part 2

You can read more about the tool here: Best Tool for Content Brainstorming

4. SerpStat

(Freemium, login needed for some features, like an export)

  • Sources: Google Suggest
  • Export: Yes (But you need to register for that)

Unique feature: Filter results to only show questions which people type in the search box: This is a great way for how-to content and frequently asked questions!

Using a special algorithm, we choose interrogative questions. You can easily create a content plan for your website with them.

Serpstat also generates a tag cloud allowing you to drill down into the subtopics and expand them as well.



(Freemium, login needed for some features)

  • Sources: Google, Bing, Youtube, eBay and App Store (+ Support of multiple countries and languages for each source. I was testing it in English only)
  • Export: Yes (Select phrases and copy them)

Unique feature: This is the only tool that supports App Store I am aware of!


Happy brainstorming!


12 Responses

  1. Some people create content and want to make money in their niche without a clue which keywords perform best in Bing, Google, and YaHoO!. So to mention these free services for keyword research is a blessing to a struggling blogger and internet marketer.

  2. These amazing keyword research services and tools are ideal for side hustle bloggers and internet marketers looking to gain ‘1 up’ on their competition. I don’t recommend anyone just reading this blog post and not taking advantage of these services, especially if you’re looking to improve organic SEO and increase affiliate ad sales from your affiliate links promoted on your self-hosted WordPress blog or static HTML website. Keyword research is mandatory not just to rank better in Bing, Google, and YaHoO! for specific keywords and search term phrases, but also to keep a tightly controlled niche based blog or websites centered around the topic.

  3. Ubersuggest is a great tool and it provides some extra keywords which we cannot find in Google keyword planner. I always use Ubersuggest to identify LSI keyword after doing keyword research in Google keyword planner.

    1. Olivia,

      Do you feel Google Keyword Planner is of good and dual use to your side hustle affiliate marketing and blogging efforts? If so, how has it improved your SEO and content writing if I may ask please?

  4. Hello blogging ninjas,

    Waiting patiently for the next post. Hopefully it’ll be tomorrow or before Monday. Hope all is well. Enjoy your weekend. 🙂

  5. Knock knock. Anybody home. Patiently waiting for your next informative blog. Hope ya’ll didn’t go to sleep on me (smile) 😛

  6. I think most of my best blog content comes from suggest data sorts of keywords. These are great tools. I also really like (free tool) for finding the sorts of questions people are asking.

  7. I basically use Google keyword Planner and Ubersuggest tool by Neil Patel. Thanks for providing 4 more tools for keyword research.

  8. Hi Ann,

    Great compilation of free keyword research tools. Keyword research is one of the most important things you need to learn and master if you want to bring more traffic from search engines like Google.

    Unfortunately most beginners don’t realise the importance of doing keyword research and they often struggle to get more visitors from search engines to their sites despite of creating great content regularly.

    The reason why most people don’t get the kind of traffic they deserve from search engines is only because they are either not doing keyword research or they are doing it completely wrong. Here is where free keyword research tools like Uber Suggest, Keyword Planner etc coming to play to help you pick the right keywords no matter what industry you are in.

    I have already used some of the free keyword research tools that you mentioned in the post but I haven’t given try to some of the other tools so I will be checking them out for finding keywords and I will let you know in case if I find them helpful in keyword research.

    Great post, thanks for sharing.

  9. What a wonderful collection of tools Ann,

    Obviously, one major difference between successful and failed bloggers and marketers is the tool they use. Successful bloggers understands the benefits of leveraging helpful tools for all their marketing tasks.

    While you can do most of the tasks manually, having and making use of these tools will definitely make the entire process a lot easier and effortless for you. Plus it will also save you a lot of time.

    Talking about the tools you mentioned here, I’m familiar with, and have also used all of them except Interestingly, this is the very first time I’m hearing about it and I’m so going to check it out as soon as possible to see what it has to offer.

    The one I’m currently using from among the list right now is Serpstat. It’s indeed a very wonderful and useful SEO tool that I think everyone should definitely check out. And I won’t be wrong if I say it’s a close competitor to Ahref. Ever since I started using it last year, I’ve never looked back, and I don’t think I will stop using it anytime soon.

    Overall, all the tools you mentioned here are dope, and I’ll encourage every serious marketer and blogger to start making use of them.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  10. I personally used and it has been really good because at some point in time we can’t able to find more relevant keywords in google keyword planner at that time this tools will definitely help us out.

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