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Answer Your Customers’ Questions and Get Inspired with This Cool Tool

I have already listed some absolutely awesome tools that generate keyword research using Search Suggest features (Google, Bing, YouTube and more). Today I am bringing up another tool that should be added to the list.

Answer The Public makes Google and Bing Suggest results truly inspiring by grouping and visualizing search suggestions.

The tools makes a topic research actually captivating by giving you lots of insights into your core topic and allowing to dig deeper.

The tool breaks the search suggestions into:

  • Related questions
  • Queries containing prepositions
  • Alphabetical

All the three sections are very well visualized giving you more ideas for the content you are about to create.

You can save any visualization as an image and you can create an CSV export of all the suggested keywords.

As they put it:

A one-pager that could be shared to prompt a conversation on how you could start answering your public better. By creating content that’s useful, funny or inspiring.

Use the tool to understand problems your target audience is trying to solve

While the tool uses the old data we are all familiar with, it makes surfacing your customers’ problems much easier.

For example, there are lots of people comparing different brands:

understand problems your target audience is trying to solve

As well there are some specific questions with very obvious intent:

understand problems your target audience is trying to solve

Now go ahead and create content that will be easier to rank and to convert. Or even market your products to cover a popular demand.

Use the tool to optimize for “Quick-answer” boxes

The most obvious benefit of the tool is that it makes “niche question queries” research much easier by breaking your core query into related questions, visualizing the report and even grouping it by the question word:

Here’s an example for “cash flow” query. There’s so much data that you’ll have to click the image to better see all the content ideas created by the tool:

optimize for "Quick-answer" boxes

The question modifiers are:

  • Which..?
  • Who..?
  • What..?
  • When..?
  • Why..?
  • How..?
  • Are..?
  • Where..?

Here are more tools that help optimize for Google’s quick-answer boxes as well as the general idea of how answer boxes work.

Use the tool to expand your article into subtopics

If you have a more specific idea and know exactly what your content is going to be about, this tool can create the actual mind map for you to break your content into subtopics to make sure it’s more indepth.

As an example, here’s a mind-map I have created to work on an article about Twitter chats:

expand your article into subtopics

The “Prepositions” view gives you even more insight into your article subtopics:

expand your article into subtopics

Excel export contains all the above data, so just grab it and pass it over to your content team

More uses for the tool:

Apart from content brainstorming and optimizing, there are more potential uses for this tool:

Happy playing!

Credit: This tool was recommended by Casey Markee when he was hosting our Twitter chat.


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  1. I also like this tool. I use it to find problems that customers are facing with and then paste it into to get long tail keywords along with Search Volume, CPC, and Adword Competition. Then voila, I got a niche market to go after! 🙂

  2. Thankyou for allowing me to post a comment on your article. It was very interesting and has helped me to widen my consideration. I have already utilised some of the information you provided. Thanks again!

  3. What a great tool. We use some other tools for content ideas, but I really love how it can help suggesting subtopics and subtitles for articles. And visualizations are very appealing too.

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