Mindy Young
Chief Content Editor

Mindy Young is IMN’s senior editor, responsible for ensuring the quality of content including educational articles, marketing copy, and blog posts. She has more than 20 years of experience in print and digital communications and has given presentations at educational events for IMN clients. Mindy also earned multiple Associated Press awards during her time in journalism as a copy editor, page designer, and food writer and critic. A graduate of Russell Sage College with a degree in English and education, she is fascinated by and enjoys reading about a wide range of subjects, from search engine optimization to linguistics to physics.

The New Most Important SEO Tool Is One You Already Have

It seems like just about every month, the SEO community gets into a tizzy because there’s another Google update. Often, it’s a core update, a routine improvement to Google’s algorithms (though “improvement” can be subjective, depending on how the results shake out for your site). And usually, there’s nothing specific that Google can tell us […]


What Can You Bring to the Table? Looking at the Future of Ranking

In the world of SEO, artificial intelligence is coming at us from both sides. On one side, we have Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) and the new AI-powered Bing, both of which can generate answers to user queries that often don’t require a click: People can get the information they want without ever leaving Google […]