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Find Hundreds of Related Niche Questions with This Cool New Tool

Finding content ideas that could trigger real customer interaction and help you make a difference in your niche is tough, especially of you have to do it on a regular basis.

Therefore I was so excited to discover this new tool from the creators of my beloved Buzzsumo.

BloomBerry (in beta) helps researchers uncover the needs and concerns of their target consumers. The tool does this by finding the most popular questions asked by consumers for any topic/product, etc. BloomBerry searches, aggregates, and analyzes over 300 million questions asked on online forums and discussion boards like Reddit, Quora, and even Amazon’s Q&A section.

The tool does provide a goldmine of insights. It’s currently free but you’ll need to register an account to play more with it.

Content Ideas

Type any keyword (try and find a more boring topic to play) and browse through the suggested questions. The tool will analyze your query and provide results for your exact term as well as for related terms. For example, if you type in [mattress], the tool will also find questions that include [bed]:


The tool offers some great filters allowing you to narrow down your search. You can filter by source, time frame and even by country.

From there, you can include / exclude any of the sources:


You can also adjust the time frame to find more recently asked questions. On top of that

If you like any of the suggested sections more, go ahead and click “View All Questions” to find more ideas:


Your search term is highlighted in bold for easier scanning but go ahead and click any of the threads to read the whole discussion. Even more inspiration!


The analysis tab will offer some insight into which sites had more questions on your topic. Another highly useful section in the Analysis tab is the list of related topics that tend to go together with your word:

Bloomberry relatewd concepts

You can actually use this section to discover related core terms to expand your keyword lists.

I think this is just an awesome idea of a tool and I am so glad it has been built. It will definitely help bloggers, writers business owners address customers’ needs better.

Don’t miss more awesome tools to brainstorm niche-related questions I discovered earlier:


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  1. BloomBerry seems usefull.
    It does not support my language very well, Dutch.
    I will use it for my English websites.
    Thank you for your advice Ann. 🙂

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