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Poll: Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Myspace, Forums?

Out of the choices below, I’ve been wondering where most of you are spending most of your time reading.

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  1. Keeping up with recent changes/trends in the SEO/SEM space has gotten much more manageable with Twitter. I can remember times when I may have missed an important tweet, but if it’s of high importance it usually shows up later in the feed 😉

  2. Jim,

    Reading blogs is first. They’re my info/insight/marketing news sources. I constantly add/remove blog feeds based on their content value.

    Cut my “Twitter-time” significantly. Merely saps my productivity.

    Never used Myspace. Guess I’m too old.

    I schedule Forum visits. A community’s concerns, questions, and solutions offer both valuable information and potential marketing opportunities.

    Facebook is a once-per-day friend/family connection. Although I’m studying ways to monetize with fan followings.


  3. Blogs FTW, usually high amount of detail on chosen subject especially Vs Twitter. Forums I love for the conversation, just feels better than comments on blogs tbh. Facebook and Myspace I use in my own personal time but still rarely

  4. Looking at a few site stats Facebook has got to be #1. Also, I am not sure if you heard, Facebook is now making user updates public. This is in direct competition to Twitter for search traffic and publicity.

  5. I spend most of my time reading blogs. Then I also spend time reading updates from my facebook account. Next is reading conversations and comments from forums. I have also twitter and myspace account but I rarely open them.

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