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Pubcon Las Vegas and Death Valley Next Week.

Next week I’m off to Pubcon in Vegas for Mon, Tues, and Wed…then Thursday I’m slipping out to Death Valley for a few days of vacation.

On Tuesday I’ll be Moderating the Hot Topics and Trends in the Affiliate Space” panel.

Steve Schaffer, Publisher,
Elisabeth Archambault, Freelance Affiliate Marketer, Wedding-Resources
Rae Hoffman, CEO, Outspoken Media
Jerry West, President, SEORevolution

On Wednesday I’ll be moderating the “Interactive Site Reviews: Focus on Links” panel

Todd Malicoat, Independent Marketing Consultant, Meta4creations, LLC
Aaron Wall, Author, SEO Book
David Klein, CEO, Purpose Inc
Dixon Jones, Managing Director, Receptional LTD

The Focus on Links panel reminds me of this old song I wrote about showing your sites to Mr. Cutts.

And also on Wednesday I’ll be speaking on the SEO/SEM Tools

Moderator: Kate Morris
Jon Henshaw, Product Manager, Raven Internet Marketing Tools
Jim Boykin, CEO, We Build Pages
Aaron Kronis, Director of SEO, Wpromote Inc.
Rand Fishkin, CEO & Co-Founder, SEOMoz

It’s been a long time since I spoke at an SEO conference (Besides SEO Class)…in fact it’s been 2 years….2 years ago at Pubcon I was on the “How to Buy Links with Little Risk” panel… Even 2 years ago the name of the panel seemed to scare me a bit….even at that time, buying links was a risk…and being on a panel whereby admitting that “yes, I buy links” seemed like a great way to paint a target on me (since I bought links back then)…I basically stood up and said, “Stay under the Radar, and Don’t piss off Google”… that was really the only advice I had back then…it was hard to give some of my real thoughts knowing that there were several google engineers in the room including Mr. Cutts.

And wow…. It was also almost exactly a year ago that we stopped buying links. I’m actually amazed to this day the types of links that our ninjas are able to get w/o paying a cent….Tomorrow I’m doing an hour and a half interview with Stuntdubl on MarketingMotive called “White Hat Link Building for the New Millennium” …can ya believe it??

For part of that interview I’m going to talk to Todd about the last 2 link building clients that Todd sent to us, and we’ll talk about how we were able to achieve these links in just a few weeks:

Both these clients are on our 10 links per month package and so far they’ve received:

Site 1:
out of 30 links so far for that client in the first 3 months:
12 edu’s
7 other colleges
1 org
1 k12
1 gov (library of congress)

Site 2:
so far we have 19 links in just over a month.
out of 19 links:
7 are edu’s
3 are schools that aren’t edu’s
5 are orgs (3 of those are schools)
2 are police websites
1 is a gov from NASA

That’s pretty dang good if I do say so myself…these are certainly links that I’d never have been able to buy….but with the right content, and writing to the right people, it’s amazing the links one can get.


So I’ll be at Pubcon Mon -Wed…then I’m going to head out on the open road to Death Valley for a mini-vacation.

Chuck Price will also be at Pubcon with me…he’s got the morning shift, and I have the late shift.

….gosh, I miss blogging… but there’s something to be said for just quietly going about my business…but FYI,  I’m alive and doing wonderful….and yea, I’m still a link addict….just not shouting about it anymore.

Hope to see ya in Vegas,


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  1. Hi Jim,
    Glad to see you are going to be a part of PubCon again.

    Love the last sentence “but there’s something to be said for just quietly going about my business…and yea, I’m still a link addict….just not shouting about it anymore.”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. 🙂

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