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6 Ways Brands Are Using Twitter Moments

In an effort to encourage users to better curate Tweets, this year Twitter has introduced their Moments feature allowing anyone to collect Twitter updates in a rich embeddable page. If a Twitter profile has Moments created, they will have a new tab on their profile called, unsurprisingly, “Moments”

Twitter moments

The blog post announcing Moments explains:

Every day, people share hundreds of millions of Tweets. Among them are things you can’t experience anywhere but on Twitter: conversations between world leaders and celebrities, citizens reporting events as they happen, cultural memes, live commentary on the night’s big game, and many more. We know finding these only-on-Twitter moments can be a challenge, especially if you haven’t followed certain accounts. But it doesn’t have to be.

Moments helps you find the best of Twitter as easily – regardless of who you follow.

One of the first users of of the feature, DeRay Mckesson, explains it this way:

Moments allows us to collect and curate Tweets to tell stories in new ways. It’s a powerful Twitter feature, continuing to help build community as we engage specific topics and events.

It’s been a few months since the feature has been open to everyone on Twitter. Let’s see how brands are using moments and hopefully get inspired too!

1. Show what your users or customers are doing with your product

Startbucks curates their customers’ tweets showing their reaction to the red cups:

Startbucks curates

2. Create your product or feature walk-through

Somewhat relevant to the above one, you can use the feature to curate tips and tricks using your product, service or SaaS feature. Twitter is a great example here using Moments to show how to best use their new feature:

Twitter moments

3. Recycle promo tweets to get more attention

Microsoft uses Moments to collect all their Black Friday promo tweets under one moment:

Twitter moments Microsoft

4. Tell the personal story of a founder / CEO / employee

Story telling has been a hit for a good reason: Customers relate with personal stories more than with anything else including testimonials or reviews. Personal stories build something better than direct sales: They build brand awareness and loyalty. Twitter Moments allow to tell personal stories effectively.

Allure Magazine uses Twitter Moments to show one day of their CEO life.

Allure Magazine

5. Engage your followers

Xbox encourages its followers to participate in brand content creation by inviting them to send them GIFs that best describe their Monday. Since it’s Monday today, here’s the whole collection in its glory:

6. Announce your social media contest winners

Lots of brands are using social media contests to build awareness and promote their products. Twitter Moments is the perfect platform to create a sharable and embeddable list of your winners to get the word out. @ProductHunt is doing just that with their top-voted product list:

Twitter moments @ProductHunt

More possible ways to use Twitter moments:

  • Collect product reviews and testimonials to better showcase them on your Twitter profile and website (using the embedded code)
  • Feature best tweets from an event or a Twitter chat.
  • Showcase Twitter quotes from notable niche experts. This is also an effective influencer relationship building tactic.
  • Bypass 140-character limit and collect your multiple tweets on the same topic. You can also pin the moment on top of your profile for more people to see it.

If you want to try your hand at using the feature, click on “Moments” when on Twitter home page and from there select “Create a new moment”.

Create a new moment

There you’ll be able to select a cover, search for Tweets to include in the moment and save your creation as a draft.

Are there any ways brands can use Moments? Share your ideas!


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  1. Hey Ann,

    I have noticed a few of the companies are really into Twitter moments. Recently, the story was there about a person emerged as the favorite employee of the company.

    Showing the products of the company is a great idea.
    It’s good to know more about Twitter Moments.

  2. This list could also be called Six Ways I Am Not Using Twitter Moments, because I’ve never clicked it.

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