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(3 videos) Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Jim Boykin vs Panda & Penguin

Enjoy 3 Hilarious Videos with Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Jim Boykin taking on the Penguin and the Panda!

This past weekend we had the honor of hosting WWE Hall of Famer, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, at our offices in Clifton Park.

A few months ago Hacksaw had done a promotional video for one of our clients…and man was he awesome in that video! I could see additional future big potential for a man of his entertaining talents! I tried to find him in a Google search, but that got me no where…even for a man with a twitter account with over 100,000 followers (which many of my clients would dream to have this many followers), he could not be found in Google …the real official Hacksaw Jim Duggan website was ranking #45 for his name. That site also needed a lot of work on it…to say the least!

Once I did get a hold of Jim I said, “Hey Jim, I can help you with your website …and for free! You have a lot of untapped online potential that could make you more money.” Shortly thereafter, we invited him to our office for a “Big Event” (you can watch Hacksaw and our own Ninja Sarah on YouTube, as they chat and watch the Survivor Series live…we’ll it’s no longer live 🙂 ).  During the Big Event Hacksaw Jim Duggan also took questions from Twitter and Reddit and Parascope and YouTube. The event was a huge success all the way around!

While Hacksaw Jim Duggan was here, he was kind enough to have some fun with us in creating some videos of our tag team match featuring

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and Jim Boykin (The Internet Marketing Ninjas) vs The Panda and the Penguin (The Penalties of Pain).

FYI, Tomorrow there will be another post with a Q & A about social media and we’ll include another fun Video with Hacksaw Jim Duggan and I…stay tuned for that one too!

(3 Videos)

So stay tuned for an updated Official Hacksaw Jim Duggan website, and more social and online improvement.

If you have been effected by the Panda or the Penguin Google updates, feel free to contact us.

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Google Panda recover solutions


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  1. Great videos. I just read 17 straight white board Friday’s over at Moz. So glad I came over here. Go get em Hacksaw!!!!!

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