27 Sep 2005

Yahoo Email Broke?

I used to get about 100 emails a day in my Yahoo Bulk Email Folder. I now get about 5 a day in my bulk folder. The other 95 are going right in my inbox. What’s up with that Yahoo? Are your bulk email filters broken?

I mean like how does stuff like this get past your filter?


and no, my email is not coyote_ugly_galpower@yahoo. com, and I don’t speak jiberish.

I thought it was just me…but after talking with a few other employees here (we all use yahoo email accounts), I found it wasn’t just me.

I also have manual Yahoo filters in place for some email, but they’re not working either (as I’m getting email from places I’ve set filters up for as well).

I’m guessing it’s a result of Yahoo working on their new email, but it seems to be at the expense of the rest of us.

….I’d love to be a beta tester of the new email, not just because it sounds real cool, but so that I can not have to weed through the shit that used to get filtered, but now doesn’t seem to get filtered.

….also, this past week about 1/2 the time I go to send emails they make me fill out the random character string verification which is getting quite annoying….perhaps it’s time to switch to gmail?

….oh yea, and when I’m viewing an email, and I want to put it in a folder, all my folders under the "move" button 1/2 the time are gone…then I’ve got to exit and come back in so I can file the email….yes, things are getting rather annoying.

To the left is about 100 folders which should come up as choices, but don’t 1/2 the time now.

All this crap started about 7-10 days ago.