22 Oct 2005

First clues to Jagger Update

Rand has an interesting post on SEOmoz about "SERPs you can’t understand" which seems to be actually shedding some light on what Google might be getting better at doing with the Jagger update.

One of his example searches he brings up is for Edward Hopper in Google, which Rand says "The [first]page [of google results] was dominated (well, 50/50) with commercial sites selling prints, books, etc. Now, there’s not a single commercial player in there.

I think that’s the direction Google’s trying to go. Like I said is his post comments:

Google’s getting very good at trying to place "information" in the top 10….just goes to show that one aspect of SEO that’s getting very important is trying to make pages that appear to be "resources" in the eyes of google….and having a real old domain always helps.

Is SEO just going to turn into trying to make the best resources possible? (only way you’ll rank high) – If so, then I’d say google has steared SEO in the direction they’d like. Them engineers are pretty clever.