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Most SEO’s and Webmasters are Addicts

My last poll question asked: "Do you work on the weekend?"

Results were (See details here):

  • 30%  I never stop
  • 44 % Often
  • 14% Sometimes
  •  8%  Rarely
  •  4 % Never

hum….Possible headlines…."74% of SEO’s and webmasters usually work on weekends"….or "Only 12% of SEO’s and webmasters get weekends off"….let’s see….ya….I’ve got a more catchy title –

"Most SEO’s and Webmasters are Addicts!"


5 Responses

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  2. What was your answer, Jim?

    I don’t know many people in or out of search who don’t work weekends if they really like what they’re doing.

    Might be more of the passion of the game then considering it working weekends.

  3. The reminds me of the Matthew Lesko quote that you posted on here a while ago.

    “Once you start doing something you love, you want to do it no matter how much money you are making. And you are going to do it better than most people around you because you are thinking about it all the time.”

    On another note, its hard not to do something that you can do nearly any place any time.

  4. My answer was “I never stop”…and you’re right…to me it’s a passion that I love more than it is work. I honestly can’t stop thinking SEO stuff…to my wife’s dismay…drives her nuts that she’ll be having a conversation with me and when it’s time for me to respond I just say something SEO related….I drive an hour to and from work, and even on the drive I’m thinking SEO stuff….lots of time I dream it too….and I’ll wake up and can’t wait to get to work to start hashing out what I drempt the past night….yea, I’m sick, but it’s good to know that I’m not the only one.

    that was part of my reason for posting that question, to see if I was the only one who never stops….and now I know that I’m actually in a group of 30% who said they never stop.

  5. Jim – I just can’t seem to pull myself away. I design and develop full-time, maintain my personal blog, and read over 85+ blogs daily. I simply love what I do!

    So addict it is!


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