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SEO Chat Dirt – and Forum Poll info.

There’s an article out about why some of the moderators left SEOChat, why the traffic has taken a big ole dip.

A few weeks ago I did a poll called "If you could only read one FORUM which would you choose? "

And I was amazed that SEO Chat was only at 1%. I left SEO Chat maybe a year ago… Since day 1 I’d been a huge lurker there. We even had some some "flaming type stuff" a few times where I’d try to ride in and defend my name and company. <— link to seo chat Jim debates

I was memeber #2 of SEO Chat, and Darrin (creator) and I became competitors ("Google Dance") and friends.  Before Darrin sold it, he offered it to me for a steal….but I was saving for adoption, so I had to pass…..I’ve since always looked at it as "I could have had it", and I was really sad to see the 1% number for people who still "lived" there…man, I wish I could take it over now…..naw….I don’t have time for that!

PS – I never released the results of the "One Forum" poll because 2 days before I pulled it there was some abnormal activity and the sharp spikes at the end skewed what the poll had looked like for a few weeks.


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  1. I remember when John Scott drew attention to your site ranking only on anchor text, no indexed pages.

    I joined another webmaster forum, where the SEO section didn’t seem to know about the importance of links. After a couple of posts, the moderator there started deleting my posts and sending me pretty nasty PMs. Funnily enough, for a large forum, it was pretty dead, too.

  2. Brian, I don’t recall Jim’s site ever ranking on anchor text alone. Maybe I am missing something here, but as far as I can recall, he always had the keywords on page.

  3. Hi,

    I liked reading this.

    Very interesting.

    So what is the best SEO forum to read now?

    I think Jim Boykin and Randfish are two of the best people to learn from.

  4. You’re right, John – it was a more complicated discussion, which started on one issue, then glengara brought webuildpages in as an example of a site blocking bots and ranking on anchors.

    You mentioned doing something similar for QWH, and how after disallowing Google with a robots text, it jumped up the SERPs for its keyword anchors.

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