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I just received an invitation to attend an American Marketing Association (AMA) Lunchian/networking event in Albany NY this thursday the 9th on the topic of “Custom Publishing: The Marriage of Journalism and Commerce“, with Michael Winkleman as the speaker.

The interesting thing about the invite are these 2 paragraphs that give some interesting stats on both how companies are now allocating more resources towards content creations, and how consumers are tending to trust companies that have quality content:

Branded content – also known as custom publishing – has grown at a faster rate than any other corporate marketing strategy. Adweek reports that the average corporate marketing department now allocates 24% of its budget to custom publishing, representing the third straight year of double-digit growth. In 2006, spending per company surpassed the $1 million mark for the first time. As a result, custom publishing is now larger than consumer magazine publishing, and comparable in size to radio and network TV.

A study conducted by Roper Public Affairs market research firm says that most consumers prefer receiving information from companies through editorial content rather than ads. In fact, 85% said they prefer custom publications to ads, and 75% felt better informed after reading them. The reason? Custom publications are reader-driven, focused directly on their readers’ need to know. More than 60% said custom pubs made them feel closer to the sponsoring company, and 75% said they believe the effort shows an interest in building good relationships with customers.

Just some more great reasons/stats on why creating quality content can help in your overall sales.

Jim can’t help but add a plug for We Build Pages content creation services:
We just updated and improved our own content creation services. If you need quality content, now’s a great time to sign up….we’ll be raising the prices in a few weeks.


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  1. Thanks Jim,

    I strongly believe that a quality content can make the difference. I’ve been working on it for 3 years, and last year I’ve been “introduced” to SEO – no need to say it literally fascinates me.

  2. Yes yes, completely true.
    Nice to see it documented. Logically it makes sense. But it’s nice to see that business are really cottoning onto the fact that adding content makes customers trust the website, increasing monetization possibilities and increases value of website.

  3. Here’s something I’ve been pondering about for a while. How do you make your blog popular if you have great, quality content but are competing in a very established niche where most of the niche’s websmasters have already clued in on the techniques that work? In my recent attempt at promoting an internet business blog called, I found some really tough competition. There are just too many websites out there selling themselves (convincingly) as gurus. How do you differentiate yourself if you are using the techniques everyone else is already clued in on?Does anyone have any ideas on this? Cheers, Lilly

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