10 Feb 2006

Christopher Sewell tells how to write content.

The following article reminded me of the slogan "Think Local, Act Global"

I just found this while digging through my computer for writing resources

"How Local Retail And Service Business Owners
Can Use The Internet To Get More Local Business
To Their Establishments And Increase Sales!"

Amoung the information in the 2 page article are these gems:

When preparing for the creation of your website, you should concentrate on the following critical areas:

Commonly asked questions. For one week write down every question people ask when they call your shop or enter your office. These questions and your responses to each will be the foundation of a commonly asked questions section of your website. Be as complete in your answers as you can be. The more complete you are, the less people will call you to ask these questions.
Remember, your goal is to reduce the number of people asking routine questions so you can concentrate of actually providing the service or selling the desired item.

Frequently asked questions about each product or service you provide. Again, for one week write down all of the questions and concerns people have about the products and services you offer.

Details about each product or service you provide. Give details such as available sizes, colors, styles, etc. Talk about the limitations of each product and the best way to use them. If you offer a service, do the same for each service.

and here’s another:

The main goal of your website should be to EDUCATE your website visitors about what you sell and how you sell it so well, that when they do call you or come into your shop or office – they are ready to buy!

There’s pleanty more gems in there (I didn’t want to copy too much), It’s worth a full read, and a handout.

Long ago when I worked for another company I used to hand this out to all the clients….maybe I should have never stopped giving that to clients.

The Author is Christopher Sewell – I wonder what he’s doing today – His article was written in Feb 2001.  

Woa, in a quick search for Christoper, I didn’t find him, but I did find this resource http://www.bharatbhasha.com/copywriting.php – Wow, eye candy to our writers!

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What are your thoughts on Content Writing?