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Handling 10+ Page Forum Threads.

Long Forum Threads, oh my!

We’ve all seen those 10, 20, 30 + pages forum threads in our favorite forums.  What do you USUALLY do when presented with a 10+ page forum thread (yes, there’s always exceptions).

    1. Read the whole thing end to end?
    2. Read the first 1-2 pages and skip the rest?
    3. Skim, Just look for users you know comments?
    4. Skim, Look for people with lots of previous comments?
    5. Other?

    Another question:
    If you could only read 1 forum, which would you read?
    (my poll for that one got skewed so I’m asking you again here).


8 Responses

  1. I like to read the whole thing, if I haven’t been keeping up with it. Sometimes is fun “catching up” by responding to about 6 different posts at once.

    My choice for only one forum would be SEW.

  2. I’ll usually wait for an abstract at SEroundtable or TW (it’s their mission to watch these threads, isn’t it 🙂 ) ,
    If this isn’t coming – I’ll skip between posts.

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  4. It depends on what the topic is, but I will USUALLY read the first post and then do a fast-read/slow-skim until something pops out at me.

    Of course Mr. Boggs would say SEW… LOL… I concur 🙂

  5. Hey I hate those “DID PR Update-Threads”…

    I just scan the first few posts, then wait for the whole crap to be indexed by Yahoo and then if interested again to a search my keyword

    on Yahoo 🙂

    cheers, christoph

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