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Search Engine Wars, Pick your side.

In the "Search Engine Wars", who do you root for (if you could only choose 1)?

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • MSN
  • Ask
  • A9
  • Others?



5 Responses

  1. I’ll even start:

    Google – because if someone is going to be the borg, I actually trust Google more than anyone else – Call me a sucker for “Do no Evil”. (but I play it paranoid as well).

  2. I’ll root for whoever ranks my sites where they should be (at the top).. MSN does not count it, is easily manipulated.

  3. I root for Google.
    In the Czech Republic nearly no one knows A9 and Ask, few of people know MSN, more people know Yahoo (but they do not use it) and a lot of people know and use Google. But No1 is still local search engine Seznam.

  4. Actually I like MSN’s protection of copyrighted material. Basically they seem to make an effort (from what i have read) to see where the content actually originated from. The other thing I like about MSN is that they actually index my pages. They do it pretty fast too. Sure the algo could be a bit better but my experiance has shown google search results getting pretty loose lately at times too.

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