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1 State, and 2 Countries to go. I like to Travel.

I’m currently in a hotel room in Melbourne Australia….the prior two days I was speaking about Panda and Link Building at SMX and Online Marketers Conference here in Melbourne….Last week I was in Vegas for Pubcon speaking on Links and Tools…last month I was in the Ukraine for the speaking on Panda and SEO, the prior month I was in Brazil speaking at Expon, The previous month it was at Affiliate Summit in NY where I talked about SEO, and the week prior to that I was in San Francisco for SES speaking on Panda, Tools, and Link Building….in any case….I’ve been traveling a lot…thank goodness I don’t have another trip until Feb for Pubcon in Hawaii….I just had to go to that one since I’ve been to 49 states, and Hawaii will complete my 50 states that I’ve been in.

Yes, I do like to travel….The first conference that I ever went to was in August of 2002, when I won a free pass via Jill Whalen….it was at that conference that I set a goal to one day be a speaker at these conference so I could travel….for a few years I traveled to the conferences as an attendee, then I was lucky enough to become a speaker after a few years…and though I wasn’t very good at speaking my first few years, I did get a lot better at speaking and now I’ve become a much more confident speaker.

I love to travel. Before I started SEO back in 1999 I had taken 4 trips around the country (USA) over a 4 year period, and had been to 49 states…since I started SEO I’ve traveled for about 5-6 days out of most months. There have been the usual trips (San Fran, Vegas, NYC, Chicago…and a handful of cities in between), but I’ve also been able to go to: Brasil, Ukraine, Jamaica, Australia, Holland, France, Italy, Scotland, England, Ireland, Germany, and the Philippines.

I’d still like to get to Africa and Antarctica so I can say I’ve been to all the continents….anyone know of conferences there they’d recommend?


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