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PubCon Vegas 2011: Ninjas on The Strip

About this time next week, a herd of Ninjas will be descending on Las Vegas. We’re not to going to try to stamp out sin and debauchery, we’re good with that. Nope, we’ll be in town as a Gold Sponsor for PubCon Vegas.

Jim’s been a regular speaker at PubCon events and a PubCon advisor for years. But this time he and his Ninjas are pulling out all the stops to commemorate our re-branding.  Hey, if your gonna go big or go home, Vegas is the place to do it.

A Fistful of Ninjas

Bringing a few ninjas to a conference is nothing new for Jim, but this year there will be more than usual.  With 7 of us taking to the streets of Vegas, we’ll have enough to master all of the deadly sins, and who knows, maybe invent a few new ones. It also means you’ll be hard pressed not to meet at least one of us if you’re going to be there.  Just look for the guys wielding Katanas… I’m just kidding; we never manage to get them through airport security.

A Pop-Up Shop

For the first time in a long time we’re going into full-on trade show mode. We normally tend to lurk in the shadows of networking events after hours, but this year we’re actually going to have a booth in the Expo Hall. And we’re ridiculously excited. It’s been a whirlwind on our end to mount a Ninja circus but we’re pretty sure it’s gonna be a good time for everyone. Here’s what we’re going to have going on:

Tons of Fun Prizes

Let’s be honest the Expo Hall is all about the swag and we’re gonna have tons of it. But it’s not just a grab and go kinda thing.  We’re Ninjas, we have to make it a little more interesting than that. No worries though, we won’t make you break bricks or anything… unless you insist.

A Major Contest

We’re going to be giving away something really cool. The prize is simple; A Free Website Report with actionable recommendations valued up to $5,000 or $500 in cash it’s the winner’s choice. It’s easy to enter, just stop by and we’ll take care of the rest.

Our New Services and Ninja Notes

Not only do we have a new name, we have a ton of new services too.  So we’ll be there talking about all of them and we’ll talk to you about your site too. Sit down with a Ninja for a brief informal chat about your website.


Oddly enough, we Ninjas are a surprisingly cuddly group for mythical assassins.

The Man Behind the Masks

Ok, so Jim speaks a lot. Seriously he’s heading to Australia the week after PubCon. He gets to go from Slot Machines to Shrimp on the Barbie, not a bad gig. But while he’s in Sin City, he’ll be covering his usual hot topics and you’ll have 3 separate chances to catch him:


From 3:15pm – 4:20pm – Interactive Site Reviews: Focus on Links


1:30p 2:45pm – SEO/SEM Tools
3:15pm – 4:20pm – Link Building 2011 – What’s Hot

So if you’re going to be at PubCon in Vegas next week, make it a goal to meet a Ninja. Whether you get to see Jim speaking or just swing by our booth we’ll definitely make it worth your while. We Ninjas can get a little crazy, maybe that’s why we only get unleashed on Vegas…


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