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Lucky Number 13, Celebrating, Traveling and Still Dreaming

This past Sunday was our 13th anniversary of the day I bought 2 urls… and … so we just had our 13th birthday as a company….yea!!!!!

So normally, a 13th anniversary would call for lace, fur or some other textile…. I’m not into curtains or table cloths, so instead, in honor of “Lucky Number 13” I’m taking 40 of my ninjas to Las Vegas for a long weekend. In fact, there’s a good chance that as you’re reading this, there’s a band of ninjas flying cross-country over your head. Hopefully our 13th anniversary will bring us all some luck there too… just not too much; I need all my Ninjas back on Monday….

A Look Back

For anyone who’s nostalgic like me, here’s a flashback via the wayback machine of how WeBuildPages used to look. Note that the style and often images don’t save correctly in the wayback machine…I wasn’t a great designer, but I wasn’t as bad as the wayback machine makes it look…I swear…

webuildpages 2000Webuildpages 2002WeBuildPages 2004WeBuildPages 2006webuildpages 2008webuildpages 2010

…I still like the text on the 2006 version…powerful homepage….

Also, note this quote from the homepage in 2000 (when the company was just me)

“We make getting your company onto the web, and internet marketing, a stress free and easy process. We are a one-stop shop….. and we want to exceed all your expectations of your web presence.”

Funny, how the more things change, the more they stay the same….here we are in 2012 still working to be a “one-stop shop for design and marketing seeking to exceed expectations”….

The Future

In the last few weeks we released a ton of cool new tools, and honestly they are just the beginning of what I have planned… if it ever seems like I’m being too quiet, you can bet it’s because I’m up to something. The team is still growing; our services are still growing and blowing away my expectations. I couldn’t be more excited about what’s coming down the pike and if you’re an SEO geek like me, you should be too!  🙂

In other news….some servers are showing us at #5 for internet marketing….who knows….if we get to #1, I’ll get an “I’m Feeling Lucky” tattoo… anyone else in?

And We’re Off!

Feeling proud of our past and extremely optimistic about the future, we’re off to storm Sin City. If you want to try to catch some of the action, check Twitter for #ninjastakevegas. To my ninjas, just a reminder I need you all to look out for each other….and like they say “what happens in Vegas….ends up on YouTube”

And for those of you here in the office….please don’t burn the place down!  😀


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