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Online videos are making their way into every niche of the web. Wherever you go on the internet, it seems video clips are taking over. Online videos are so popular, there are television shows dedicated to them. Granted, going viral is the exception not the norm, but still, it’s an incredible medium. Videos and YouTube have become powerful tools, not just for entertainment but also for education and business.  But you probably know that.

If I’m preaching to the choir here, if you’d love to give your website and social media profiles an upgrade with some video content, but just don’t know exactly how, you’re probably not alone.  There are a lot of ways to start implementing video content into your site, but here’s what CEO Jim Boykin did.

He went to, he created an account and then went shopping under Videos. He looked specifically for the word Ninja, and then made an offer to people he found win that category.  The request? Make him a video about He said this:

“My name is Jim and I’m from Internet Marketing Ninjas
Do what ever you’d like..have fun….
I’m Feeling Lucky,

Well, each message was a little different, but that was the general gist.

He got a lot of videos back and yeah, some were better than others (You’ll see). But what’s really remarkable here is that for $50 we got 10 videos about our site, ranging from the commercial to crazy.

If you want something polished, with high quality production values, this isn’t your method. But if you just want ot test the waters and see what’s out there this is a viable option for anyone. Of course you can get much more detailed with your requests than we were. You can provide a script or make specific requests about what you want in terms of tone and messaging.  The point is, you don’t need a big production budget, or fancy editing software to get your foot in the video content door.

Now, ideally, everyone would have video cameras in the lobbies and waiting areas of their hotels, restaurants, stores and nightclubs allowing happy guests to make instantaneous video testimonials. But if you’re not doing that, you can give Fiverr, or something like it, a try.

Even when the videos are funny because they’re really bad, they’re still funny.  Do we think that these are the best representatives for our brand, well we may not be sending them to conferences anytime soon, but they’re memorable, they’re sharable  but most of all, they are a start. So if you just don’t know how to take the first step, this is how the Ninjas did it.  So enjoy this first round of videos, we’ve got even more coming.

The Archetypal Ninja

This coins and pretty much defines “ninja-tastic”.  Can you feel the glory?

Ninja Newsflash

So this one has a little CNN World News Tonight feel to it, but it’s not bad as a dramatic opening sequence.

The Overly Enthusiastic Ninja

I don’t think I’ve ever even seen Jim get this excited about SEO and free tools. OK no, that’s a lie, I have.

A Ninja Puzzle

With no rules about what to create, we really liked this artistic interpretation.

The Green Ranger

Ok, it’s a stretch, but the Power Rangers transformed into Ninja Rangers and there was a whole spin-off of Ninja Storm Power Rangers, so we’ll get on board with having testimonial from this guy.

A Happy Review

A short and simple service overview. He doesn’t actually work for us, but we enjoy his accent, so we’ll let that slide.

Ninja Guy Juggling Fire

Even though we’re wondering how many 2nd degree burns this guy has had, we appreciate him literally getting fired up about our services. But after releasing this we may have to institute an official no flaming torches in the office policy.

More Ninja Antics

Our super powers may not manifest themselves as balls of light, but our work routines could use more deep movie voices and sword fighting.


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