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How to Visually Compare Google, Bing, Blekko Search Results (Free Tool!)

Today instead of the usual SEOchat Q&A post, we have a special edition of SEOchat cool SEO tool column to feature our cool somewhat updated search result comparison tool: Google, Bing, Blekko search engine comparison tool!

It is really simple to use:

  1. Give it your main search term
  2. Select two search engines to compare (supported search engines: Google, Bing, Blekko and Yahoo!)
  3. Wait for the tool to retrieve the top 50 search results and lay out them for you.

Now just browse the map of search results:

Compare search results tool

  • Each dot represents a search result
  • If you hover over a dot, the tool will show which URL was actually ranked
  • The line between the dots means that the same URLs were ranked across the chosen search engines (the more the lines = the more identical search results in two search engines = the more similar the results)

Easily see how search results overlap! Cool and fun visualization.

Now go play with the tool: Google, Bing, Blekko search engine comparison tool!


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  1. This may seem like a silly question but is having crossing links bad? Does Google see this as being duplicate content? I am just trying to understand the usefulness of this tool. If we have results that cross does this matter?

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