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A Site without Linkability is a Site Destined for Failure

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been working on new reports with analysis and recommendations for our clients. One report that all our clients are getting is the “Content Analysis Report.”

This particular report is essential to everyone. A link building campaign will run out of steam quickly if there’s not much of a reason for anyone to link to your site.

The most successful link campaigns are going to be the ones where the sites have pages of valuable content and resources. If you’re going to earn links by telling other webmasters that adding your link will be valuable to their users, then you have to have something to promote of value.

Sometimes it’s like doing a press release. “Hey, have you seen this? ….. If you added it to…, it would really add value to your page”. What our link marketers are working on is putting the right resources under the right noses to get the recognition these resources deserve. There are many other methods of getting links besides this one, but if you want to earn permanent links by telling people to “Check out this Great Resource”, you’d better have a great resource. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your time in pursuit of permanent links.

In our Content Analysis Reports, we first need to assess your site’s current “linkability.” (Definition: Linkability – The ability for your site to get links from other sites based on the merit or value that linking to your site brings to the other sites’ users.) Then we look at the linkability of your competitors and make recommendations about what your site should do to enhance its linkability. Not only do we make the recommendations, but we can perform most of those services to follow through on our recommendations.

Here are the 5 main points we analyze and recommend in our Content Analysis Report:

  1. We list techniques that we can utilize to get the site links to the home page as it stands today.
  2. We dig deep into the site to find other specific pages/tools/promotions/etc that can attract natural links, and list those.
  3. We identify 10-20 competitors. We analyze those sites to see why others are linking to them, ignoring paid links – what content/resources/tools/features/etc do they have that attracts natural links – so that we can list the best ideas of what the competitors are doing, and suggest how we can do them better.
  4. We include some overall keyword reports to show what’s being searched in the industry to see where additional resources can be added..
  5. We work through a system of analysis to provide lists of articles and resources that should be added so that the site continues to work toward becoming the authority in its industry.

We have many other reports that look at many, many other Internet online marketing aspects, but a site without linkability is a site destined for failure.


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  1. Thanks – a nice reminder as to the importance of having something worth saying on your website. Even if we’re trying to, ah, “cultivate” more links than the site would get without our attentions, you can’t attract links to a stone.

  2. We really do miss the practical advices in the SEO blogs, so thanks for that Jim. I am tired of reading the same theoretical basics over and over again on SEO and PPC blogs, these are the posts that make the difference (and deserve some link love ;-)) !

  3. Thanks Jim, that’s a good methodology and I’ll put that in place at my day job. As Lily says – usually too much theoretical fluff – too little actionable advice on other sites. Thanks for getting us a way to *do* something.

  4. i agree your third point, i always does competitor analysis in more details, and to be honest thats where i learn a lot, not just to follow what they are doing in term of seo, but to see how can i get ahead of them…thanks for sharing

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