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Nearly 14 years ago this company started as a one man show…and since, we’ve grown to around 100 people today….I never asked for that…it somehow just happened…but during those years I feel like we’ve grown a special family here…a family that makes me feel so lucky, and so rich.

This year we won the Best Places to Work Award again. Last year when we won, I found that this award was the most special award that I have ever received, and to win it again this year, makes me so proud of my ninja family here.

Below are the employee comments from the survey they took about what it’s like working here at Internet Marketing Ninjas….oh did I mention that we’re hiring?

  • Not only in this current job market, but in any market this would be an ideal job for anyone wanting to make a career in this field. But also gives opportunity for recent graduates or untrained talent, to receive on the job training, with a very competitive starting wage.
  • Internet Marketing Ninjas is one of the best employers for whom I have ever had the pleasure of working. IMN shows a consistent interest in the cultivation of employees, their workplace, and their communities. It is a bit like Cheers, you walk in and everyone knows your name. You grab a cup of coffee (or an ice cream – yes, that’s free too) and your fellow co-workers say good morning and ask about your weekend. It sounds silly, but when you sneeze a bunch of your co-workers will say ‘Gesundheit!’ and then everyone will laugh a bit – it keeps the mood light. Not to mention the IMN flair, weekly prize giveaways (prunes or gift cards anyone?), and the nerdy toys at everyone’s desks…I think the question is, why aren’t YOU working here? 🙂
  • I LOVE my workplace so much. I like waking up and going to work. This job is a dream come true and consider myself to work in this team environment. It’s genuinely hard work- but Ninjas play hard and work hard!
  • I enjoy coming to work every single day! I don’t think many can say that. 🙂
  • Internet Marketing Ninjas is a fantastic place to work. It provides the right amount of casualness and stability to make it a truly unique workplace. I have managed to climb the ladder and hold many interesting positions within the company, and hope to continue to do so. I have never had a boss that is as committed to providing a fun and nurturing workplace as Jim Boykin.
  • Internet Marketing Ninjas is not your ordinary place to work. It is a fun, high energy company, that has great goals for the future.
  • IMN is a great place to work. Knowledgeable and friendly employees and leadership that truly seems to care.
  • Although I don’t mind the work that I do at this company, what I love the most about my job is the great people I work with. We have a very diverse staff with people involved in all different kinds of sports, hobbies, etc…, and as a company we all support each other in those activities. Even outside of the workplace! I think it’s sometimes the little things, like employee birthday cakes or random gift cards for a job well done, that makes this a truly enjoyable place to work.
  • I’ve been with Internet Marketing Ninjas for 6 years now; I don’t ever plan on leaving.
  • Company’s culture is an amazing combination of casual work environment and professional production.
  • It is a calm, positive and fun environment. With cardboard cut outs displayed everywhere, fresh ice cream kept in the fridge all summer and pizza parties when we hit quota this place is pretty awesome. It is so nice to work somewhere where I don’t have to wear business attire I can come as myself b/c my numbers speak volumes! I truly appreciate this environment after coming from a very hostile one in my job before this. It is pretty much day and night and I am still taken aback ( in a good way) at how nice and fair Internet marketing Ninjas is to me and everyone.
  • In my 24 years of work experience, this is the most progressive company that I have ever worked for. The owner truly cares about his employees. I enjoy my work and appreciate the opportunities available at this company.
  • Internet Marketing Ninjas has taken my life in a completely new and exciting direction. I honestly enjoy going to work, and am finally making enough money to significantly support my family. The people are great, the atmosphere amazing.
  • Overall, this is a great place to work. We have company events or special days that allow us to be ourselves and celebrate any nerdy or geeky obsessions. The people are great, our bosses can be fun, and the environment is very relaxed.
  • This place has been an absolute blast to work at. I look forward to coming to work every morning. It doesn’t feel like a job, it’s fun. I truly enjoy the challenge of my work, and the ability to improve not only myself but carve out a niche in the company that is truly my own and allows the company to grow further.
  • Overall IMN is a great place to work and our boss (Jim Boykin) although sometimes too spontaneous is a generous, kind, caring and considerate person. I am here because of him.
  • I have been employed at Internet Marketing Ninjas for a little over four months right now. I absolutely love coming to work everyday. I’m interested in my job and feel that I am growing with the company. IMN has been a confidence booster and I have met some lifelong friends here.
  • Jim is an amazing boss and I haven’t been this happy in a workplace EVER! If I’m allowed the opportunity to stay here for the rest of my career, I would be extremely pleased. Internet Marketing Ninjas is honestly the best place I have ever worked.
  • I love my job so much that I hope that I can be here long enough to retire from here!
  • I love it here! It’s been a great place to work, doing a job that I really do enjoy. I would recommend it to anyone. Prior to starting here, I had been aware of the company for several months, and am glad to have been given the opportunity to contribute here.
  • I really enjoy working here
  • Fun work environment.
  • Great company
  • Overall I couldn’t be happier in this work place. Not only do I work with some pretty amazing people, but they have become close friends of mine as well. We are all passionate at what we do and are always looking for ways to strive and do better.
  • Internet Marketing Ninjas is the most rewarding and challenging place I have ever worked at, which has included several Fortune 500 companies. There is a unique culture here that still thrives despite the company’s growth and acquisitions. I hope to work here for a long time.

Then the employees were asked:

What two or three things does your employer currently do well that helps create a productive workplace?

  • 1. Offer annual company trips
    2. Fun company wide events
    3. Offers a relaxed work environment
  • The work environment is fun and easy going which makes people want to be here and want to do well to help a company that has done so much to help them in return. The work environment alone is enough to motivate most to do what they have to to help the company thrive as a whole. Every employee is always willing to listen, and help, in any way they can. It makes it easy to go to anyone with a question or problem, and know they will do their best to answer or find the answer for you without a problem. The teamwork is wonderful.
  • 1. Effectively communicates goals, deadlines and client changes or special needs.
    2. Provides positive feedback as well as monetary rewards for extra effort and initiative at work.
  • Our CEO gives us enough flexibility for us to create the work environment we personally thrive in. Hours are flexible, breaks are flexible, vacation is flexible – he wants this job to be PART of our lives, not hinder any other aspects of it.
  • Pizza parties once in a while are kinda fun.
  • 1. Feedback is wonderful- we have frequent evaluations and time with managers.
    2. We have wonderful rewards – like an awesome company trip every year. This year I’ve gotten to go to Las Vegas AND San Francisco for work.
    3. I get paid well and the bonuses here are impressive.
  • Allows flexibility on working hours to fit employees schedules. Creates teams of people with varying skills making it easier to succeed in the workplace.
  • A extremely casual and flexible work environment
    A very competitive pay scale
    Recognition and compensation for above average production
    Opportunity for career advancement
  • 1. Provides free coffee
    2. Provides relaxed work environment
    3. If you ask for help to become a better employee, you get it.
    4. Employee bios are on an internal wiki for employees to learn about one another.
  • Motivation, incentive, praise
  • Casual work atmosphere/dress code, frequent trips and perks, forum to express ideas
  • Flex time
    Personal Recognition
  • 1. Whenever anything comes up (with clients, with the company, or any other news), we’re made aware of it. It’s nice to be kept in-the-know!
    2. There are always opportunities for further training & leadership is willing to sit down with you and help you to reach your goals.
  • Pleasant working environment, nice get togethers, bonus program
  • Bonus is awesome. At the end of each month the recognize who goes above and beyond who does the best work – and it is purely based on numbers not politics. Keeping it light. The atmosphere her is amazing and fun. Flexible schedule. We can create our own work week and get out at noon on Fridays if we get in all out hours.
  • Fun trips, good working atmosphere
  • Provides flexibility in terms of scheduling, creating team environments, providing a good bonus structure.
  • A bonus plan is in place in my department and the company always promotes a team atmosphere.
  • Everyone is accountable for both the good and the bad.
    There is a personal relationship between management and staff that makes us feel valued.
  • Most of the time we have a very fun and relaxed atmosphere, which allows us to be more productive than a stressful or highly regulated work atmosphere. The very events and special days also allow us to relax and let loose on occasion, keeping us happy little worker bees.
  • They allow us the freedom to be our own person by allowing us to work at the speed we are comfortable at. Also, they have all the training and educational opportunities that we could ever ask for, if we want to expand our repertoire of skills that are useful to the company, all we have to do is ask for it.
  • 1. Challenges me on a weekly basis.
    2. Keeps my job from being boring.
    3. Is quite generous.
  • Continuing training in multiple aspects of the job in order for us to understand everything that is going on. The bonus system that is in place, creates a positively competitive work place, where each employee has the opportunity to get monthly bonuses based on TEAM and Individual performance. Keeping the ‘team’ mentality is a major factor of a productive workplace.
  • Jim Boykin has created a workplace where you are treated like a responsible adult. The hours are flexible and there is little micro-managing (if at all). I know that I am responsible for the quality of work I put out there and it makes me work harder. Jim keeps an open line of communication with all of his employees.
  • Us workers are cared for and put first before everything. We feel valued and because of this we go the extra mile.
  • They don’t give us a hard time about miniscule issues like being late. They are very understanding about things and help us grow from our mistakes and don’t scold us like children. Jim and management works hard for us and we work hard for them.
  • We are given the chance to make our own hours, within reason and our achievements are always celebrated!
  • Here, we’re given the opportunity to be creative, which you don’t get everywhere. We’re able to collaborate all of our ideas, which leads into another great aspect of Internet Marketing Ninjas – the aspect of teamwork. It’s a true team effort, where EVERYONE pulls their weight, which is refreshing. It’s just a great atmosphere all-around.
  • Promotion of teamwork and cooperation. Very generous bonus structure.
  • Feedback at end of month is always good. Participates in a lot of charity work.
  • Deliver good services, provide logo clothes
  • 1. Upper management has a very open door policy. I feel comfortable bringing any issues to their attention and I know that they will do everything in their power to alleviate issues.
    2. The office culture is very positive and upper management continuously makes it a point to preserve the culture and cultivate a positive work environment that is engaging and productive, without being overly stressful on a daily basis.
  • Let’s us know how important we are to the company and respects and values our opinions.
  • We are always doing things together, ranging from charity events, softball, basketball and soccer teams, to company picnics and trips. This is great because it promotes team building and getting to know one another in the company. All of this wouldn’t be possible without our CEO and the events comity. We are also rewarded for meeting goals of the month and extras incentives if you want to offer more to the company.
  • 1. Recognizing talent and potential within employees at all stages, from interviewing, to hiring, to promotions, and developing that talent even further.
    2. Fostering a workplace centered on teamwork, collaboration and a true sense of community.
    3. Communicating expectations for employees clearly and holding them accountable to those expectations.

Thank you Ninjas,
I’m Feeling Lucky,


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