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Google Penalties Backlog and Mapping Your Backlinks to Known Link Sellers

See the Full Jim and Ann discussion in the video below.

Have you recently received a dreaded manual penalty notification alerting you of a manual action Google has taken on your site?

If it is backlink-related, you are likely to see a huge drop in organic clicks once you are penalized by Google.

Your next step would be cleaning up your links (if it’s link-related of course) and file a reconsideration request with Google to get that penalty lifted and wait for their response.

This is where the bad news breaks: It may take weeks and months (!) to hear back!

It has just taken Google three months (and potentially more) to get back to people on their reconsideration requests.

People in this article claim they submitted their requests in October and have yet to hear back:

Jim Boykin, Founder and CEO of Internet Marketing Ninjas, and Ann Smarty, IMN’s analyst, are discussing Google’s penalties, reconsideration requests and how to go about backlink-related actions to your site.

See Full Jim and Ann Conversation on Google Penalties Backlog and Mapping Your Backlinks to Known Link Sellers.

So if you haven’t yet been penalized, try to avoid the penalty now, or you may watch your site struggling to bring in any organic months for months in a row.

The sad part of the whole thing is that many business owners don’t really know any better. They know they need links, and they get an email from someone saying they have relevant websites and they can get links from those sites on the target topic.

And there are still many business owners who are clueless about the risks behind accepting these offers thinking they are doing a perfectly good thing.

Yet, Google knows about all of these sites and networks.

IMN Private Backlink Mapping Tool: Known Link Sellers

At Internet Marketing Ninjas, we have created a unique tool that has a continuously updated list of known link sellers, maps these link selling networks and identifies sites that buy links from them by looking at who those sites tend to link out to.

Then the tool finds common backlinks to those link buyers and finds even more link networks and suspected link buyers.

So anytime, we analyze our (new) client backlinks, we use the tool to find if they have any record with those known link sellers.

This is a private tool allowing us to quickly and – more important – reliably identify (and subsequntly, clean out) paid links in our clients’ backlink profiles.

If we can do that, Google can certainly do that too. So instead of going with those networks, invest into high-quality link building services that rely on trusted content creation and authentic outreach.


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