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Got a Marketing Email Like This? RUN! #JimAndAnn Show

Last week we talked about weird leads and today we’ll talk about other interesting emails we receive.

We receive service pitches daily at Internet Marketing Ninjas and some of them are actually dangerous, so we’d like to discuss a few here and urge you to stay away from dealing with companies like that.

Here’s the full video discussing 3 dangerous email pitches with some notes and links following below:

More than 200 sites on every theme with high DA and PR…

[Edited just a bit for Grammar] As you may know, advertising is very important to rank in SERPs. I have lots of sites; most of them within the Finance and Technology niches. However, I do offer Health, Travel, and SEO sites as well. I often do advertising deals such as sponsored posts with various media, travel, health, and finance-related companies. If you have any interest in advertising in my group of sites, please let me know.

I have more than 200 sites on every theme with high DA and PR .

I do offer further discounts and deals involving multiple blogs, and an additional discount for repeat customers. Feel free to let me know your budget and I am sure we can work out an amicable deal for us both.

We have several additional new blogs this month for your advertising benefit.

All deals are negotiable.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Our response:

The scary thing is that there are really people looking for this kind of service, so there is a good chance this guy will find a buyer!

Blog networks are dangerous: They are against Google Guidelines and it’s impossible to disguise them because Google has become too smart detecting and penalizing them.

  • They are registered by the same person or company (Even if they are using private registration, Google will know)
  • Many of those sites are registered on the same day
  • They are hosted on the same / almost the same IP address
  • They have patterns of external links (because people tend to buy in bulk from such networks)
  • There are many more signals Google can use.

Blog networks put your site in terrible neighborhood with other link buyers and your site is most likely to be penalized.

And that’s not going to be a manual penalty (Google doesn’t need manual review to detect blog networks!): That’s going to be an algorithmic penalty that takes years to recover from.

Finally, we’ve discussed Domain Authority previously and it’s basically worthless.

Guaranteed placement in,, etc…”

Please let me know if you would be interested in placement on or for yourself or your clients. Price would be $415 with guaranteed placement. Please let me know…

Our response:

Stay away from pro-active pitches like that… If that person is reaching out to you, that already puts them under risk of being hit.

“Largest online collection of opt-in bloggers…”

We are doing high quality link building and content marketing via blog postings for SEO agencies. We provide unique content that adds value to the web on high DA sites with social signals.

With a publisher membership of 225,000+ and the largest online collection of opt-in bloggers (not to mention many more bloggers joining daily), we have the resources to handle any campaign, small or large for you.

If you are interested in knowing more about our services, please provide me with your email and phone number so we can contact you with additional info.

Our response:

Again, this sounds a lot like a shady blog network you’d rather stay away from because that sounds like too many blogs to be a legit membership site.

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Bottom line: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is…

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If you have any questions, please tweet them to #JimAndAnn hashtag and we’ll try to answer them in our future videos. Stay tuned!

Watch the full video: SEO and Link Building Services to Avoid #JimAndAnn Show


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