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Acquire 300-400 Good-Quality Links: From Weird Leads Series @ Jim & Ann Show

From time to time, at Internet Marketing Ninjas we receive what we call “weird leads”, those that are hard to reply to in a serious way.

In the sort series of videos we’ll be addressing those weird leads.

Here’s the first one:

The Lead:

Hi, my name is XXXX XXXXX, I’m currently looking for a reputable service that can help us to increase our link structure. We own several sites and our main goal right now is to acquire between 300-400 links in the next couple of months.

Our main interest is to get clean, good quality links in sites and blogs related to our niche (sports, sports betting, sports stats, sports fans, sports predictions). We’re putting together a budget for this project, so I’d like to start by getting some info on your rates and prices, but I’d also like to discuss the possible plan and strategy we want to follow.

Please fell free to reply to this email or contact me at 111-111-1111, ext 111. Many thanks.

Monthly campaign budget $1000-$1500

Our Response:



  • There’s no way anyone can build *clean, good quality links* within a “couple of months”
  • To acquire links, you need good content, so start building digital assets, not links
  • Acquiring links is a hard tedious task, so the budget is way off
  • If you are limited with the budget, become an expert in your niche, create high-quality content and if you do everything right, one day you’ll see natural links coming in

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Watch the whole video here: Link Building Question: From IMN “Weird Leads” Series @ Jim & Ann Show


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