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Guaranteed Rankings + PR7 Links: From Weird Leads Series @ Jim and Ann Show

We continue featuring some of IMN leads we’d like to publicly respond to in order to educate our community a bit.

Please watch our previous video in the “weird leads series”: “Acquire 300-400 Good-Quality Links”

Here’s another one:

The Lead:


I am looking for a company that specializes in achieving Top Website rankings with guarantees. I am looking for a definitive strategy to achieve a PR7 (or better) and a proposal and a quote to achieve this accordingly.

Is this something you do?

I will be happy to provide further details upon your reply. Thank you.

Kind regards


Budget: 10k + Month

Our Response:


  • FORGET about Google Toolbar PageRank: It is outdated and it isn’t used in the algorithm in any way any more
  • If you a high-PR website that you get a backlink from, in most cases those are paid links: You are putting yourself in a bad neighborhood of other sites who pay for links
  • There’s no way any Internet Marketing company can guarantee you top rankings (no legit Internet Marketing company ever will!)
  • Don’t pursue higher rankings: Pursue building digital assets that will keep attracting links
  • This budget is very good: Unfortunately you are wasting it because if any company agrees to do what you ask for, you’ll just ruin your site in a bad link neighborhood which most probably will get you penalized
  • Read further: PageRank is Dead. Sculpting is Dead. Trust is Alive….in my eyes.

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