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27 Sep 2011
Marketing Ninja

Online Video Optimization

Written By, Usability Ninja Karina As the technology of the web advances, online videos are growing in popularity, thus an increased importance is placed on video optimization. Getting your videos to rank well in a search engine will bring your website more visibility. You should think of video as content. We all know that “Content is King”, but what’s even better than plain text content, is a VARIETY of content… [Read More…]

14 Aug 2011
Marketing Ninja

Nature vs. Nurture – Old Sites, Exact Matches, Branded Sites, and You

Nature vs. Nurture, it has been argued in the liberal arts since the 1800’s: are we defined by some inherent features of our being or are we a product of our environment. Can a new website out rank an aged website? Can you beat that exact match site that just won’t budge? Can a non-branded site beat out branded sites? Can you ‘nurture’ your site to overcome the inherent advantage… [Read More…]

28 Jul 2011
Marketing Ninja

When Is Fixing Duplicate Content Issues Really Worth My Time ?

Duplicate content is a loaded topic, it comes in so many different styles and flavors. One thing is true though, it sucks fixing these issues more often  than not! (very rarely is it as easy as tucking something behind a robots.txt exclusion). It takes up your time analyzing, it takes up your developers time, sometimes lots of resources need to be  spent creating new unique content, and it is just… [Read More…]

27 Jun 2011
Marketing Ninja

The SEO Mirror Test – Is Your Website Really Breathing??

A while ago, while on a flight somewhere, I forget where now, I picked up a book titled The Mirror Test: Is Your Business Really Breathing by Jeffery W. Hayzlett. You know those little airport micro bookstores where you try to kill part of your 3 hour layover, yeah, one of those.  This particular book was about measuring the health of your business. Basically,  it talked about how there are… [Read More…]

07 Jun 2011
Marketing Ninja

Google Panda Update: Machine Learning and Tree Structures, oh my!

By Ninja Bonnie Machine learning is using a computer to recognize patterns in data, to then make predictions about new data, based on the pattern recognized or learned from prior chosen training datasets. One of the ways that Google uses machine learning algorithms in search is to analyze historical data from the logs they keep to analyze and to predict likely future outcomes of search behavior and the satisfaction level… [Read More…]