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2012 Internet Marketing Ninjas “State of the Company”

Every year at the company for as long back as I can remember, I’ve given an annual “State of the Union Address” to all the Ninjas. One night last week I was on my way home when “it came to me” and when I got home I ended up writing for several hours, of what turned out to be 22 pages (text was a little big so I could read off of it).

The next day I delivered an impromptu “Here’s the State of the Union”. Because of the personal and private nature of this speech, I can’t publish it here in public….but I can say a few things about it.

We have some Major Announcements that we’ll be making over the next 2 months…new blood…new acquisitions….continued growth….investments….some company history….and my faith in the business, and more importantly, the People…the ninja family.

I talked a lot about how rich I felt….I guess there’s one part that I can include from my speech where I talked about feeling rich:

I feel so rich…..I feel rich when I see people tweet on a Sunday night that they’re excited and happy to go to work on Monday morning…I feel rich when I hear people say that they’ll go through hell and back for me and the company…I feel rich when we are able to take business money and give to charities that help to make the world a better place…I feel rich when I see a big pile of dog and cat food and toys that the ninjas have collected to give to charity…I feel rich when I’m able to take people to events and places that bring them joy and wonder and the spirit of adventure… I love to travel and when I’m able to travel to places in bring employees there as well, I feel rich….I feel rich when I walk in the door and people are lined up to talk with me…makes me feel really wanted when I come to work…and that makes me feel rich…. I feel rich that I work with people who I consider my friends…I feel rich when I see people who meet their best friends here….or people who met here and are now engaged….it’s this feeling of love for all of you and who we are as a company that makes me feel so lucky.

The things I do make me feel rich….I want this to go on forever….we have something really special here and now…I have no doubt in the ability, and the potential of what this company is capable of doing, and being….and one of my very biggest goals is having a place where people are proud to work. It’s a lot of time that you’re here….8 hours a day for 5 days a week…it’s a lot….we’re not perfect, and we never will be…but ideally, when you look around, I’d like you to always say “we have it Really good here compared to everything else”…no I’d like more than that…I’d love it if people felt that we were the best company around. Winning the best places to work award last year was my proudest moment as a business owner….winning that made me feel so rich…reading what people had to say about the business make me feel luckier than if I had hit the lottery and I had all the money in the world in my bank account…things like these make me feel a richness that money can not buy.

After the talk we posted my talk in our internal (for employees only) blog. Later I noticed that there was some really nice comments by the ninjas…I’d like to share some of these with the public. Here’s some of the blog comments the ninjas made:

Jim, since coming here in November of last year, this job has done so much for me, it allowed me to get an apartment, get married, and meet some amazing people I wouldn’t have otherwise. I’m eternally grateful and thankful that you’ve allowed me to come here, and as you said that there are people out there that would follow you wherever, consider me one of them.

For so long I thought I would have a career in TV news. After realizing the industry sucked and my love for the web I came here. And I love it! Where this company is going has been proof that I made the right move. I am so glad to be a part of this team with a future!

Really interesting speech with a lot of really exciting news! Since I’ve only been here for a year this was my first State of the Company Address and it was really nice to hear from you about where the company is going and perhaps most importantly where the company came from. I’m grateful and proud to be a part of this company and I’m looking forward to being here as we continue to grow and wherever we might end up down the road. Thanks Jim, it really meant a lot to hear from you!

I haven’t been here a year yet but so far I’m loving the company, especially the people here whom I’ve grown close to. I also can’t wait to here to the big announcement in October, it’s so exciting!!!!

No words can describe how proud I am to work for a great company. I moved here 2 years ago, to the day, in Troy, with no job, knowing no one and not having a clue what I was doing out here or if I would even be able to start my life out here on my own. After two years, I have come so far, I have been able to live on my own, met some awesome friends here that I will cherish forever, and love coming into work everyday. I even met my boyfriend through a co-worker here! Anyways, I am so lucky to have such a great boss that takes so much pride in his company that he is willing to do all that it takes to succeed, and more importantly, trusts that we will succeed. It means a lot and I just want to thank you, Jim for everything you have done for us!! Go Ninjas!!

Wonderful speech. I just celebrated my one year with IMN, what a great year it’s been. It’s so nice to hear where the company started and how far we’ve come…I’m grateful everyday to work for such a wonderful company! This job has changed my life, I get up for work each day, and I AM happy to come here…that’s not something I had at the last job at all. Thank you so much for creating such an environment that I’m glad I get to come to work here day in and out. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for the company and us ninjas, very exciting…thank you Jim! =)

Like i’ve said before, i want to retire from here. Here’s to continued success for the future.

I’ve only been here for 3 months but I can already see how special this place is. I am excited to come to work everyday and feel really lucky to be here. I have met great people that I hope to know for a very long time. Thank you, Jim, for giving me such an amazing opportunity!

Almost everything that I wanted to say has been said by numerous people in the comment section. However, I do have to say that your speech made me proud to be a ninja Jim. In my short four months here, not only have I met great people whom I love to work with, but I get up every morning excited to come to work. Not only have you given me the ability to start my life as an adult working in the field that I went to school for, but you have also given me the ability to take pride in my work again, and for all these things, I cannot thank you enough.

Having been one of the ninjas that have been around for awhile, I’ve been with the company through thick and thin. Regardless of what is happening with the company, industry or economy, I’ve always been impressed with the vision and passion that Jim has had with WBP/IMN. Jim, it has been my pleasure to be on your team for the last four years, and I can’t wait to see what you have in mind for the company, and I look forward to being a part of our continued growth!

I feel like an elderly ninja, having worked here for almost 5 years (!), but it’s been an incredible journey. Can’t even say how jealous my friends are when I go on and on about all the perks we get here at IMN! Now we’re having a blast growing the social department, and I’m lucky to have an amazing team! It’s always a good day to be a ninja Thanks Jim!

IMN has changed my life. I love what I do every day and the members of my team, I have met amazing people and friends, and the love of my life. Have no words for the joy I feel working here.

The work is challenging and I love being on the Events Committee. Sure, the fun events are great perks, but I am really motivated by the good we do in the community. Our food drive last November was one of the happiest days of my life and we are just doing more and more each month.
To say I’m happy is an understatement – I feel like a Geeky Cheerleader

After spending the last 5 years in retail with a struggling company and having little luck finding work after graduating school, landing a position at IMN was a dream come true. I can’t thank you enough Jim for the opportunity you’ve given me here. I know I have only been here a few months but I have learned so much and I really feel (to steal your words) “rich” when I come here each day. It really feels awesome to be part of something so special!

I want to retire here too. I’ve been here about 3 years and it just keeps getting better and better. I wish everyone could see what I’ve seen since I started in just a tiny room with Sean not that long ago and how much we’ve grown so quickly since then. I feel humbled and amazed to say that I’m a part of that. So excited for what the future holds. This company has been and continues to be amazing to me!

It’s a privilege to work for you Jim. I am very appreciative of the opportunities here and I enjoy what I do very much. Thank you!

I (and I’m sure others) have worked for a “Chuck” in the past, as that attitude is pretty standard in business it seems. However, it is very rare to have the opportunity to work for a “Jim”. Your dedication to the company, your confidence in us and your drive are an inspiration. Thank you for providing a workplace where I actually enjoy my job and have pride in the company I work for.

There is nothing that makes me prouder then being able to call myself a ninja and that is because of all the places I’ve worked I’ve never seen a place with a community like we have here, great people, great managers and most importantly the greatest CEO. Many thanks Jim for fostering such a great environment to work and I can’t wait to see where the future leads!

…yes, I’m so proud of our team here….This type of spirit can take a company to the top… and deliver… and that’s where we’re climbing.

I’m Feeling Lucky,


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