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We Build Pages name change to Internet Marketing Ninjas….Soon!

We Build Pages will be changing its name to Internet Marketing Ninjas….in a few months….

Wow…it was a little over 12 years ago I went online for the very first time. Two weeks after getting online I bought the domain name A week after that I and designed my first site ( and I gave the site the slogan of “Designing and Marketing Websites”.

When I bought the name,, at the time I thought that I was going to be a website designer…and thought that one day, my “company” just might just one day have more people to the “We” in the name than “Me, Myself, and I”.

Well, twelve years later we’ve grown into a 50 person “We” company…

…and back in 2005 we decided that “We” wouldn’t do website design anymore, and that the focus would be 100% on “Marketing”…so the name hasn’t made much sense for years now…how many times have I said, “No, we do not build websites”…. my first interview question was always “Tell me what my company does”…and those who answered “Build Websites” failed their interview right at question #1..but anyways…

…..Yes, for years I considered changing the name….but I always felt that it was “too late” in the game….Even back in 2005 I felt we had a really good name for ourselves in the industry…and I was too scared to loose that branding that had been built up….every year I think about it…and always in the past the timing never seemed right….

…But last month I was in NYC for SES and happened to be talking with Thomas Bindl and Brad Geddes in a bar one night, when Thomas threw the idea of changing the We Build Pages name to me, and backed the idea up with some great reasons why I should change the name….and for the past month I’ve been thinking about it every day…..

….and it seems like “Now” is the time…(by “Now” I mean in a few months) to change the name…..we will no longer be “We Build Pages”…. we will be “Internet Marketing Ninjas“!

Why Now?…well, the domain makes much more sense as to what our company is… we do “Internet Marketing”… we don’t “Build Pages”…. “Ninjas”…well… yes…I’d say though that “Ninja’s” are Just Cool…. nothing “Black” or “Bad” about our ninjas… They’re just Cool…. I think it’s a great “theme” for the company…. it’s a “fun” name to work for…it describes our services better (yes, we do way more than link building !… our new site will show you this more…) and hey…yea, when people link to me using the name I’ll get exact anchor text with words that I like (Internet Marketing)…(yea, I’m a link-a-holic at heart…ya know me!).

So Bye Bye We Build Pages….. I’m proud of the name though…that name was 12 years of my life… I’m proud that I took a 1 person “We” and turned it into a 50 person “We”… but a new day is coming soon…a new site, some new talent, new services…and a new name to go with it….I’m building something much bigger than “We Build Pages” ever was…I’m building an army now…and army of Ninjas….Internet Marketing Ninjas…..Stay Tuned…Spread the Word…and get ready for the Second Coming of Jim and his team of Ninjas under a new Ninja Banner. – Coming Soon to an Internet Near You….in the meantime you can still use

I’m Feeling Lucky,
Hat Tip to Stuntdubl for coining the phrases “Link Ninjas” and “Internet Marketing Ninjas” back in 2005 when he worked at We Build Pages.


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