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9 Useful Facebook Messenger Chatbots: Marketing Examples to Learn From

Facebook has taken the next step in their attempt to become more business integrated and savvy. Their Messenger system is allowing companies to create bots letting users purchase products, request services, get information, and more. All from a personal message window on their Facebook dashboard.

These are the nine Facebook messenger bots you should check out especially if you are looking for ideas on how to make your own brand more social media friendly.



Shop socially! You put in details like size, color, product description, and price range. The bot will create a list of fitting products for you to peruse and, if you choose, purchase right from your Messenger window.

It is a great way to see what they have to offer, without having to go through their site and manually search their products. I find the bot to be a lot more useful and easy to navigate than their in-catalog browsing features.

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Citizen run taxi service Uber has been facing a lot of criticism lately. Their prices, what they now pay their drivers, dangers posed to passengers due to lax background checks, and now competition Lyft gaining serious traction in the wake of various scandals.

They are now trying to add some extra perks to their service to get beyond these damaging setbacks, like their new messenger bot. You can now connect your account through messenger, and request a ride within Facebook, no matter where you are. Don’t feel like taking up the extra space on your phone with their app? This is a good alternative.

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Want your very own fashion consultant? This piece of AI learns your preferences and remembers them, helping to pick out items that you are more likely to want. The more you use it, the more attuned to your tastes it becomes. More than that, the AI acts as a person would.

They will contact you about trends you may be interested in, pick up details from your Facebook that might be relevant to your shopping needs, and gossip with you about current pop culture and entertainment/fashion news. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but interesting if you are into that kind of interaction.

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Yahoo Finance

Finance chatbot

Want easily digestible finance tools that will give you information you can actually understand? If you aren’t a professional, this is an awesome tool to have. It will give you the latest stock information, charts, break down market trends, and let you easily search by stock or company name.

It is a small bot, but a solid one that I have so far really personally enjoyed. As someone without any financial knowledge, it makes a very complicated subject seems a whole lot simpler… which is a major plus.


NewsBytes chatbot

If you are sick of filtering through biased news networks for information that you can rely on, you may like this particular bot. It gives you quick, tiny bites of current events and news stories, without any political angle. They try and use the most well rounded, nonpartisan sources for the information.

CNN has their own bot, but it is nice to see third party alternatives providing measured and simple news bites without the agenda. Plus, they are super quick. Keeping up on the news is difficult at best, especially with how open our world has become. This is a great bot for picking and choosing, and getting a summary of what is happening in the world.


HealthTap chatbot

Get access to doctors from all over the world, ready to answer your health related questions. Not sure of the dosage of Tylenol to give your 12-year-old when they have a fever?

Worried about a spreading rash? Unsure on whether or not the flu has been going on long enough to warrant an appointment? If you have ever used the HealthTap website you know it can be a helpful service. This expands it beyond its original parameters, giving wider access and a faster way to get answers.

Burger King

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Gee, fast food would be a lot faster if I could just avoid the line altogether!” Probably not, but nevertheless, Burger King is trying to make that a possibility. You can order your food in from the messenger app, and they will prepare it for you.

You just head over and pick it up, without having to wait. It is a pretty good feature for being trying to avoid the lunch rush. Tim Hortons is also reportedly going to be offering this service, so Canadian coffee lovers will be able to grab a hot one any time. Having tried to grab a quick coffee from a Timmies in downtown Toronto first thing in the morning before a flight home, I know that a pickup service would be appreciated by many.

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Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is the first company to offer pizza delivery through a chat bot and that is a surprise. With how many are now jumping on the app and even gaming console order train, you’d have thought competition would be fierce to be the first to take advantage of this new way of selling.

There are sure to be a lot of late night weekend orders from people who are drunk ranting about their exes on their Timeline, that is for sure.

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You can integrate their service with Facebook. Tie live chat in with their unique CRM, so you can better connect with your customer base. There aren’t a lot of details on this one, yet, but it is exciting. Could this be the latest in customer service relations?

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If you have a chat bot for messenger you think should be on this list, let us know in the comments.


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