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Local News Site Linkbait Ideas (Weekly Q&A)

Link baitWe all love linkbait and there’s never too much brainstorming there. Therefore I enjoy discovering forum threads discussing linkbait ideas.

This thread is from SEOchat forums discussing link bait ideas for a local newspaper site:

1. Create news instead of re-printing it:

Don’t re-use news: create it! You need to piss someone off to get noticed! Go hyper-local!

Have you considered doing some hard hitting pieces? …surely there is a city worker asleep in his truck during work hours, a local politician asking city workers to mow his grass, a city contract that was awarded to the brother-in-law’s consulting firm?…

How about hidden camera piece filming local service people not fixing something.

2. Go mobile:

Create news feeds featuring hyper-local news and go mobile: apps keep people tied to the news resource.

3. Go social:

With Twitter you can certainly use some territory-specific hashtags to get heard by those who care to hear.

Going local on social media has another great advantage: you can be the first to hear hyper-local news and spread it. That’s how journalism works! Be the first to hear and publish!

4. Hyper-local-news videos

Creating a new media type based on some outrageous news is what you need:

Get hyper-local, find real heroes!

5. Go offline

The awesome thing about the hyper-local resource is that you can be at any event that is held nearby. Become their media partner!

I find your “niche” very nice, challenging and quite easy to succeed within if you’re passionate and have the time to dedicate to it.

Tools and Further Reading:

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